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My neighbor wears balogna on his head. Or sometimes it's baloney. When he's feeling festive he might add a slice of American cheese to his little meat yarmulka. This neighbor also believes that if he stares at a scratch-off lottery ticket long enough it will be a winner. I look at him, try to suppress  the majority of my laughter, and we both live in harmony.

So the other day I'm replacing the starter on my car. There are some things I can do, some things I can't, but I do know my way around a car and a wrench so replacing the starter isn't that difficult for me to figure out, even if I've never replaced a starter on that car before. It's an older car so I don't have to deal with all the nonsense they put on new cars (you know, the kind of engine compartment that when you open the hood you think you need a pal from NASA to check the oil).

So over comes my neighbor, and as usual he's full of opinions on how I should be changing this starter. He's never done this, and I don't believe he knows a ratchet wrench from a drill bit. However, he's got his opinion and by gosh he starts giving it to me. Now I'm doing this in the sun and sweat is dripping into my eyes and my knuckles have already given their sacrifice of flesh and blood to the car repair gods so my patience was wearing a little thin. After a while, when it was becoming apparent that I was not listening to him or giving any of his opinions the proper respect he felt they were due, he stormed off across the yard and I haven't seen him since.

I think of my neighbor every time I read a post from a conservative or a Republican or one of those mixed up critters calling themselves "libertarians". You know the kind. They post on all manner of political subjects, telling liberals how dumb they are, how liberal ideas will never work, how liberals are free loaders and fags and moochers and takers and eaters. You know the kind. I will sometimes comment back to them, letting them know exactly how much weight I put on their opinion. These Republicans/Conservatives stand by the following prinicples, all of which have been shown to be nonsense, failures, and some have years of evidence showing how wrong headed they are.

    Cutting taxes on the rich makes jobs for the rest of us (no evidence of this).
    Trickle-down economics works (if so we would all by very succesful right now, but instead main street stores across the nation are OUT OF BUSINESS and small towns are dying).
    Corporate welfare is good, but helping children get enough to eat and have a safe school is bad (immoral).
    Marriage between gay people will destroy their marriage (illogical).
    Gay people in the military undermine our strength (factually incorrect).
    Women deserve to be raped in some instances because of the way the act (drunk) or dress (sexy).
    There's never a good enough reason for an abortion (individual women can't be trusted to make the decision).
    Denying federal funds to help your state in the area of healthcare or to foster any kind of development actually HARMS the state in some way (just goofy).

The list goes on and on. These are conservative ideals, and each one doesn't work. Many of them have cost our country BILLIONS of dollars to play around with, and they still don't work, and conservatives STILL say they are good ideas, and they STILL want to force them down society's throat. People who think like this are not right in the head and don't deserve to peddle their comments and opinions to anyone, anywhere, without getting an immediate guffaw of laughter aimed in their direction. In a sane society they should be marginalized and shunned, not allowed to offer commentary or hold a gov. office. People who think like this and refuse to see the problems their pet policies create believe the next thing out of their mouths must be treated with respect.

Uh, NO. It doesn't.

I want all liberals to think about this. Think about giving people consideration who are clearly incapable of thinking in a logical, reasonable manner based upon reality and observable principles such as cause-and-effect. Personally, I'm done giving them consideration or respect when they post comments on the internet, at least. I'm just simply done giving them the idea that they have anything useful to add to our society besides more hate, failure, and fear. I treat them in the same way I treat my crazy neighbor who likes wearing bologna (or baloney) on his head - as if they were nuts, and you don't listen to a crazy person or give them respect or a place in the discussion (unless it's at The Onion). You avoid them, and when they come around you kick  them off your property. Above all you don't let them think their next idea is worth consideration, because it won't be. It'll just be another slice of bologna on their head, and they'll expect you to respect them for it.

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