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First it was Obama Derangement Syndrome and all the lovely insanity that came with it.  

Which led to Mitt Romney, the most dishonorable, unprincipled, hollow, insensitive, mendacious joke of a presidential candidate to ever grace the political stage, a man who won nearly half---47-something percent---of the national vote.  

Which led to the whiny neo-secessionists in all 50 States.

And now there's this MADNESS......

I initially thought it had to be from The Onion, but it's not.  This report is from Mother Jones, and that's what makes it so scary.

President Obama is using a Cold War-era mind-control technique known as "Delphi" to coerce Americans into accepting his plan for a United Nations-run communist dictatorship in which suburbanites will be forcibly relocated to cities. That's according to a four-hour briefing delivered to Republican state senators at the Georgia state Capitol last month.
No, you read that right.  They actually did this.  The GOP has gone absolutely batty by entertaining this nonsense.  They very well may be beyond our reach, and the sooner we realize this, the more likely we are to save the rest of the country.  This is a disease of the mind, born from racism, bigotry and fear.  
On October 11, at a closed-door meeting of the Republican caucus convened by the body's majority leader, Chip Rogers, a tea party activist told Republican lawmakers that Obama was mounting this most diabolical conspiracy.  The event—captured on tape by a member of the Athens-based watchdog Better Georgia (who was removed from the room after 52 minutes)—had been billed as an information session on Agenda 21, a nonbinding UN agreement that commits member nations to promote sustainable development. In the eyes of conservative activists, Agenda 21 is a nefarious plot that includes forcibly relocating non-urban-dwellers and prescribing mandatory contraception as a means of curbing population growth.
Here's the video below:

I encourage you to read the rest of this article.  It's an eye-opener.  Remember folks, in the past, absurdities like this were only found within the fringe elements of the party.  But now we have lawmakers giving an audience to this insanity.  


As an aside, the incredible Mother Jones visual below is an historical representation of most everything, (at least in my opinion) that Obama Derangement Syndrome has produced:


(Click here to see the whole thing.)

So, what the hell do we do with these people?  I'm at a loss.  


BTW, this latest GOP "Delphi" conspiracy theory qualifies as Stage 5 ODS.  There are 6 stages:

Stage 5 Obama Derangement Syndrome

As stage 5 ODS sets in, the assaults on the President's character begin to imply he is evil at his core. The development of conspiracies that suggest Obama is knowingly executing an agenda that will harm America are commonplace. Questions like, "Is Obama A Bigger Threat Than Al Qaeda?" and "Obama: A Radical Leftist Who Seeks To Dismantle Capitalism?" are common place.

4:26 PM PT: My darling husband just walked in the door and I told him about this.  His solution, and I quote: "Maybe we can get the Koch brothers to build a space craft and send all these dumb** to the moon."

4:53 PM PT: Thought I'd add this great comment from Uncle Cosmo

You haven't asked the central question: (3+ / 0-)

How much was Rogers paid to put this bit of tinfoil origami together? And by whom?

GOP: Grifters Obtain Morning Joke commented last week, the party doesn't have an electoral strategy, it has a business strategy.

Or to paraphrase H. L. Mencken: No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the Republican base.

It's not a "fiscal cliff," it's a Fiscal Bluff--so why don't we call them on it?

by Uncle Cosmo on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 04:25:18 PM PST

5:28 PM PT:

Regarding my poll:  I'm very disturbed that (so far) the majority of you are content to sit back and eat popcorn while this travesty unfolds.
Yup. Pass the popcorn  31%    (71 votes)

5:49 PM PT:

Re: Poll again--  
Will somebody else PLEASE vote for the first one????     
No, there's still hope 1%    (4 votes)

Only 1% of you have so far.  :-(

Oh, the hell with it.  I give up.  


Is The Rabid Right Beyond Saving?

3%54 votes
7%122 votes
10%175 votes
30%501 votes
8%135 votes
34%568 votes
0%13 votes
5%88 votes

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