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(reprint from, where you can find the graphic images referenced below)

Have you ever told a Fox News viewer that Fox News lies? If you did, you know how they act. "Where? Show me!!!!"

Well, it took me several hours to do it, and the result follows.

Of course Fox News misinforms. It distorts and spins using the smoke shield of "opinion" and "punditry" (AMONG OTHER THINGS). Right wing propaganda, the likes of which there is no equal on the left (MSNBC doesn't even come close so reel it back in .... you know who you are) is the Fox News specialty.  Oh, and they DO lie, rest assured. Documenting the lie, however, is usually very difficult and explains why so rarely are they called on it, even though the do perform the sin of "lie by omission" every day in one way or another. But if you try to explain the concept of "lie by omission" to a True Believer, then you know how futile that is and ultimately, like trying to turn a sows ear into a silk purse, merely annoys the pig.

foxnationdotcomarticleEXHIBIT A

After the election of President Obama to a second term, Fox Nation went literally insane. The sewer of their home page is enough to make you lose filling laughing. So many lies, so little time, so I just went after one big lie that stunk worse than a drainage pond on bullshit mountain. Take a look at Exhibit A, above. The entire page is quite large, so you can click on the pic to see it if you like (NOTE: NOT WORKING HERE, WORKS AT FILTHYLIBERAL.COM). In fact you should, so you get an idea about what they are doing and how they are doing it. So please, click the link and see how huge that page looks and how it seems to present a LOT of links and information to back up the headline, which infers massive layoffs as a direct result of our election process.

Ok, did you see the really big page of all those place laying off US citizens because of the awful black man. Good. Remember it.

Smelling a bullsh*t mountain-size rat, I spent the necessary time to track down each of the links they show, and made a graphical representation, Exhibit B.

Alrighty then, shall we begin? (Please forgive me for the layout of this information. I will be fixing it when I have time.)

foxnationdocomarticletaggedEXHIBIT B


Link 1 - Turbocare "laying off more than 220 workers"

Here's a screen pic of the article. I have outlined in red the pertinent text. Note there is NOTHING in this article that implies that the election of President Obama lies at the root of their decision. This pattern continues throughout each link. Please forgive me for the crappy layout of this page, but I wanted to present the whole article when possible so I couldn't be accused by certain kinds of people that I "left something out".

Ok. Still with me? Continue reading.

Link 2 - ATI plans to lay off 172 workers in North Richland Hills

This one had my laughing because of the dates. Note the date of the post, Nov. 7. Then note the date, in the article text, when the Texas Workforce Commission handed out the notice of layoffs. LAST WEEK. I mean, c'mon. That's a scenic overlook on bullshit mountain if I ever saw one.

Link 3 - SpaceX Claims its First Victims as Rocketdyne lays off 100

Hoo boy. Review the article please, and show me where the reelection of Pres. Obama caused this.

Link 4 - CVPH Lays off 17 as Part of Fiscal Belt Tightening

Not a word about even a single layoff being "triggered by Obama reelection".

Link 5 - First Energy to Cut 400 Jobs by 2016

Struggling to stay profitable due to "lackluster economy". Perhaps they should bitch to the GOP who've blocked all progress on any matter that would help our economy to get going eh? No mention of Obama.

Link 6 - Career Education Cutting 900 Jobs

Remember the focus lately on for-profit colleges not offering students a fair return on the investment? Well that cat is out of the bag now, and it's having the effect one would guess. Once again, nothing to do with Obama being reelected as our President.

Link 7 - Canceled Program Costs 115 Jobs at Ohio Airbase

Right there in the headline is the

lie revealed again - a CANCELED PROGRAM led to layoffs.

Link 8 - AMD Trims Austin Workforce

Important note - this was due to their desire to "trim" their workforce. This usually means doubling down the load on the poor workers remaining, but that's a topic for another day. Today's topic is about how re-electing Pres. Obama led to massive layoffs. Clearly, in this case again, it was AMD's desire to increase profits by decreasing the payroll and nothing else.

Link 9 - Exide to Lay Off 150 Workers

If you were thinking this was the one that indicated how Obama is destroying businesses across the US, you're mistaken. It's due to lead prices.

Link 10 - 100 Workers Lose Jobs at Caterpillar

This is it!!! Ooops, no it's not. Workers are being laid off while the company consolidates work in other plants dues to low demand for forestry manufacturing equipment (whatever that is).

Link 11 - TE Connectivity to Close Guilford Plant, Lay off 620

Hey, they want to improve efficiency (see comment for link 8, above, for decoding this message), but not anything to do with Obama.

Link 12 - More Layoffs for Major Wind Company

It's no secret wind power is being attacked just like we attack oil power ... oh, wait, we don't attack oil power, in fact we subsidize it and help the companies out with massive handouts of  taxpayer money. Everyone say "Thank you Republicans!", because this is a rightwing GOP thing, you know how the oil crowd is. And look, one reason cited is uncertainty over the "tax credit". That's funny. Oil companies are never uncertain over THEIR US taxpayer funded largess. Maybe that has something to do with them failing...

Link 13 - Cigna to Lay Off 1,300 Workers Worldwide

Only in the Foxnewsiverse can a worldwide layoff mean it only effects US workers. Most of the layoffs will occur in Europe. I'm glad Fox News is concerned about European workers. What a strange day. Reason: well, you can read the red square but it all amounts to maximizing profit for the top dogs will forcing employees to work harder without an increase in their pay. Europeans are catching on to US style management! Hoorah!

Link 14 - Headline Removed Due to the Fact this Link took me to a We Hate Democrats and Liberals Web site

But even the that hate site couldn't change the truth, regardless of their headline that also blamed Obama. This one was due to "company wide restructuring". And the President is not mentioned anywhere in the article.

One Link Not Repeated

There was one link not doubled, that is the link to the very first story in the group. I'm not sure why this link wasn't doubled, but after tracking it to ground I realized it was the entire reason for this article and it's placement was on purpose, intended to provide the further illusion that ALL of the following were similar. The link discusses a "Utah Mining Company", and if you click the hand link it takes you here. I did some further research and found a better article here. If you know anything about the owner of this mine, where many miners have died, is a vocal critic of President Obama (read: HATES THAT NI**ER PRESIDENT). It's no mystery that he would do something like this, but if you read further in the articles you find that men are at work in the mine moving equipment, a job that apparently requires a lot of room and has necessitated layoffs in the past while the work is being done. But that's not why he laid them off this time, of course. The owners narrative would make it appear as if the reelection is at fault, when the astute reader will discover facts indicating otherwise. But we all know how astute the Fox Nation audience is, right. They are not so much astute as they are ass-toot, and the fact they are eating this garbage up and regurgitating it around the country is yet another indicator that they are low information, low effort voters easily manipulated by a well crafted Goebbels-style message machine. In other words, proof again that Fox New viewers eat, sleep and shit distortion and misinformation. Shun them.

(Before anyone out there contemplates attempting to hit us for copyright infringement or something like that, note all of this material has been taken assuming the category of FAIR USE. If you feel otherwise, then contact us - - immediately.)


Fox News is ...

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