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So, the first major content patch for Pandaria has gone live. In Landfall, it's two months after the mists have parted, and PvP PvP PvP Arthas damn are we bringing you the world PvP.

Yeah, guild PvPers are gonna love this expansion. The Krasarang Wilds are now a world PvP zone. I don't know how this is going to affect people leveling through the area, other than to thank Arthas most of my 85s are through that area already. Except Magey, but I'm going to level her with pet battles because reasons and Pokemon.

Speaking of pet battles, many, many, many new pets are available now. Pets that normally showed up with other pets show up by themselves now. Tailoring can make a couple of new pets because magic. Also, old raids and raid bosses drop more pets now.

And speaking of old raids, every raid pre-Pandaria no longer requires a raid group, and some of the old raids have been tuned to make them soloable. Maybe I can go back to working on that sweet Moon Priestess transmog for the spacegoat, if I can ever find the item list again.

This Wow Insider link has the 5.1 patch notes. I strongly suggest reading them, cause there's something there for everyone not just PvPers, raiders, and pet trainers. While I'm at it, here's alist of all WoW Insider's 5.1 articles, and here's Wowhead's patch 5.1 guide. Educate yourselves.

Here's Ninotchka with the Team Kaels and Challenge Mode reports:

Team Kaels has been having some coordination issues lately, so we have no progress to report on bosses killed. We are getting smoother and more efficient in completing the encounters that we already know, but we haven’t gone on to new heights of glory in a while. We hope to change that this weekend, when we go back to the shiny star dragon again after a 3 week absence and see if improvements in equipment and technique might convince him to cough up some shiny purples. We realized this week that we’re going to be facing some intractable Real Life bosses towards the end of the month (damn you, holiday travel schedules!) but hopefully we’ll be able to keep on track somehow despite our members’ skipping out to spend time with family and friends in that strange Earth Online game.

In challenge dungeon news, Team Hunkel has had its first triumph! We cleared the Temple of the Jade Serpent last Sunday night with a solid bronze, then decided to go in for a second try and got to the silver medal! We marked the seventh fastest time on the realm. Toons completing this run were Hunkel as shadow priest, Cenwyn as some sort of hunter, Hunkel as shadow priest, and Rubidium and Monomis trading off being boomkin or resto. Challenge dungeons are harder than heroic – the trash packs tend to be worse than the bosses and abilities that kinda tickle in heroic modes will kill you in two ticks in challenge modes. It’s something you need to be wide awake for and great fun, especially with such a great group of people to carry me.

Report from Team RubiPam and Sat Night Massacre:
FINALLY Team RubiPam appears to be on track to make some more progress - we had a great night Tuesday night clearing both the Stone Guard and Feng with our regular crew. Rubidium had posted very complete and precise instructions, mostly aimed at DPS, on How Not To Die to the various pitfalls in Stone Guard - there's your jasper chains, there's your amethyst pools, there's your cobalt mines, there's a lot of Bad to stand in and we really needed not to do that to get this done. Rubidium also promised a wonderful reward to the person taking the least damage (other than the tanks): a jewelcrafting panther mount, complete with choice of color. We also switched to the double taunt strategy - our tanks conferred for a few minutes, with Rubi, before we went in there, and it really felt that we had the Stone Guard fight under control at last - and even though Corwynn clearly didn't need Rubidium's promised reward to learn to Not Stand in Bad, as he also took the least damage last week, kudos to him for taking the least damage this time and winning the beautiful Jade Panther mount! And kudos to our tanks for mastering the double taunt strat - it made it so much easier for us DPS to do more damage, so the whole thing worked really well. Then, on to Feng, who we had killed two weeks ago with Hunkel there on DPS. This time, it was our regular lineup (sans Mama, we really miss you Mama, hope you can come Thursday), and again great work especially given that Mageartin, Enhancethis and Elu were not with us on the previous kill and were seeing the mechanics for the first time - we wiped a few times as people were learning the mechanics of running out of the raid at the proper time and to the proper places, but last pull magic worked again and we got him! I can't say enough good things about the wonderful job our healers, Rubidium, Bemused and Elu did on both those fights - very intense healing needs, and they were just superb. Next up tonight, Thursday, is the spirit world troll Gara'jal, which should be fun, if we can get subs for Mageartin, Elu and Enhance, none of whom can be there tonight.

The Saturday Night Massacre continues to roll along very successfully - we had our first All Guild Sha kill, with I think 36 of us there, and it was a very smooth one shot. People who had never done anything like that before were able to join us, have fun and get good loots! After, several of us did LFR, which I think people do want to keep doing to gear up. However, it would be a good opportunity for someone to organize a heritage raid for those who don't want to, or aren't yet geared, for LFR - since I'm a Wrath baby, I am not a good person to lead a heritage raid into Kara or Black Temple or wherever, but if anyone wants to plan on doing that, either Saturday night after the Sha or on another night, it would be great. We'd also love to see someone organize a third 10 man to tackle MOP raids, if anyone wants to try. Just let Mama or me, if she's not able to be on, know so we can help with names of interested folks.

Guild Vault Tab Three Report courtesy of Mahuae:
Gear is now in Tab Three!!

Contender's Revenant Belt, lvl 90 plate
Contender's Revenant Helm, lvl 90 plate
Contender's Wyrmhide Belt, lvl 90 leather
Helm of Elemental Binding, lvl 85 mail
Kilt of Pandaran Promises, lvl 90 mail
Phantasmal Hammer, lvl 85 mace
Vicious Embersilk Shoulders, lvl 85 cloth
Vicious Leather Shoulders, lvl 85 leather
Widow Chain, lvl 90 neck (two of these)

I know the Guild Vault is getting reorganized; if you manage a tab and feel the need to have a report on the contents every week then email, Kosmail, or message me on the forums.

That's all I have  for this week. For the Horde!

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