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It is better to give than receive.

Since the holidays are upon us we are all focused on giving and giving is something everyone here at Daily Kos does very well. We give our time, our money and our talents to candidates, causes and individuals in need. Giving is one of the things I enjoy most about this community.

When I was a young child and still believed Santa Claus actually brought all the toys at Christmas I went to sleep anxious with anticipation of what the next morning would bring. At my house, we never had to wake up individually on Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought because the the biggest child in our house woke us all up around 2:30 AM. The biggest child in our house was my Dad. He had a bit of a selfish reason for doing it, but it was a good kind of selfishness. Even tho' he knew he wasn't getting the credit for bringing the toys (Santa was) he didn't want to miss seeing the excitement and joy in the eyes of his children as they came down the hall and saw all the goodies Santa had brought. The big eyes, the huge smiles and the joyful sounds that emerged as his children took in the sight of their Christmas treasures, these are the things that brought joy to his heart. The knowledge that the real joy is in the giving is another gift my Dad gave to me and that gift is still giving.

My Dad wasn't concerned with getting the credit for providing the goodies, he was happy to let Santa remain the magic of Christmas. His joy was in seeing that the Christmas cache hit its mark.

As you do your Christmas shopping this year, get a double impact with your giving. do you on-line purchases through Netroots For The Troops® portal. You gift recipient is happy with the gift you purchased and you're also contributing to the 2013 Netroots For The Troops® Care Package campaign.




When you shop online this year, Netroots For The Troops benefits!With over 2,500 retailers like Amazon, Target, Old Navy, Home Depot, Macy's, and Best Buy, you can meet your shopping needs while helping us meet our fundraising needs.  Although the amounts are small (typically $1 to $5 per purchase), they do add up! Every time you, your family, and friends shop online, you are shopping for us! attribution: None Specified has partnered with over 2,500 retailers and negotiated special commissions that will be donated to NFTT every time you shop online.  You will still shop direct with the same retailers, using their websites and shopping portals.  It won't cost you a penny more, and every purchase will benefit NFTT.

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It's really easy guys! If you buy online from any of these retailers why not help Netroots For The Troops® and use our portal. You'll make your family and friends happy with your gift and you'll make our deployed military happy with your donation.

 On with the games!!  

Mojo Friday Guidelines

1)   If you comment you have to recommend all comments. (in order to receive mojo you have to give mojo. It's only good mojo manners.)
2)  Everything you say may be taken as a joke (so if you ask a question, expect a silly answer)
3)  You must recommend the diary (and pimp it unapologetically)
4)  You don't have to comment to recommend.
5)  You can't steal my idea (right, like that ain't goin' to happen)
6)  Please, no pictures or YouTubes until after 300 comments. Now, after 100, use a little common courtesy and be responsible in the number.
7)  Mojo mojo mojo mojo, mojo mojo mojo.
8)  TexDem (that's me) is not bound by the guidelines. Heh

Mojo Friday Goals

A. At least 300 different commenters and 1000 comments by 1:30 PM EST and 1500 by 5:00 PM EST Friday Night that it's posted.

B. 100 recommends for each comment, at least.

C. Stay on Recommend List at least five hours (this requires some strategic planning by you guys, refer to guideline #3)

D. At least 200 diary recommends. 300 would be better, spread the word.

E. And always, fun fun fun.

F. Have at least 75% average participation rate as seen here in the Mojo Friday Postgame Show by Woodtick and bjedward.

G. (New) Have at least 30 kossacks over 90% participation (see here for some tips).

H. Overload the servers with recommends, not to mention dominate Top Comments Mojo list. (we do tend to mess with the site with all of our recommends at one time)(also, to dominate the Top Comments Top Mojo we need at least 50 comments with over 200 recommends, see guideline B)

I. That's enough for now. (Have a suggestion? Post it.)    

MKinTN posted a diary to help everyone achieve greater success called How to Succeed at Mojo Friday Without Really Trying.    

For those of you new to MF (Mojo Friday) we have our own lingo about a few things. Thank's to MF'er Jez (the link will explain) go to this diary for a little more fun and explanation. Official Mojo Friday Snecktionary.          

Originally posted to Mojo Friday on Fri Nov 30, 2012 at 07:30 AM PST.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Netroots For The Troops®, and Military Community Members of Daily Kos.

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