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There are some things that can be known and other things which must be taken on faith, like science. Either you believe that or you do not, and both sides have equal standing. These postulates are self evident, and not open to argument.

The age of the world is not known. As the great senator from the state of Florida recently said, it is one of the great mysteries, like how far it is to the sun, or how much a feather weighs. No one knows. It simply can't be known.
 We do know, however, the age of the Bible. Without doubt it is exactly 557 years old. No more, no less. It was created entire, every jot and tittle, from Genesis to Revelations, in a single day in the year 1455. This amazing feat was accomplished by Johannes Gutenberg, so he could have a book to sell after inventing the movable type printing press.
 It is true that many Christians make the claim that it is thousands of years older, including such respected authority figures as popes and Grand Wizards.
But ask them to prove it, and they cannot! Why, because such proof does not exist!
 First, you can read the Bible from beginning to end and not find a single reference to what date it was written. Obviously this is no coincidence. Perhaps Gutenberg was being intentionally vague, even testing us?  
 "But what about the thousands of ancient Greek fragments recovered from archeological digs", these priests and prelates sputter. "Surely this is proof?." Seriously, fragments? Everyone knows the archeaological record is incomplete. It's full of gaps. A page or two doesn't make a book. Anybody could have written a few paragraphs at random, even a monkey.
 Besides, just because something is deeply buried doesn't mean it's old. If there was some scientific way to accurately date stuff that comes out of the ground I might be convinced, but there is no such method..
 Some of these popes or vicars may actually bring up the Dead Sea Scrolls as so-called proof. These are easily explained. Gutenberg planted them there, intentionally, in attempt to deceive us, because he thought the Bible would sell better if it seemed old.
 Also, his greatest joy was to make fools of various vestrymen, abbots, and deacons. Which seems perverse, but that was his nature. He was quite merciful in other areas.
 Further proof that the Bible is 557 years old is the simple fact That the "old Bible" theory has led to so much chaos, violence and moral degeneration. Those who push the theory are obviously trying to destroy our Western values.
 Even the Nazis believed the Bible was thousands of years old!And look how they turned out. Not good! Our children's minds are being poisoned by this 'theory'.  Wake up America! It's time to take back our country, one Texas school board member at a time!
I pray for you all. Incidentally, mainly I pray that God will come down with furious wrath and righteous anger on anyone smarter or better educated than I, because they are elitist snobs who make me feel bad.

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