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Ok, so we've had a month or so to let the dust settle over the election.  We've had the claims that President Obama won because off all his "cash gifts" to minority demographic groups - y'know, like Women - and how he just whipped up the nigra base frightful hard...

And we've Ted the Draft Dodger tell us that people on Welfare shouldn't Vote, despite the  15th (Blacks), 19th (Women), 24th (No Poll Taxes) and 26th (Voting at Age 18) Amendments.

Yeah, it's not the Romney lost Latinos by 40 points, and Women, and Young people because his Policies Sucked.  It's because they were all on Welfare.  Or Social Security.  Or Medicare,  Or Medicaid.  Or they were Veterans who actually appreciated being allowed to vote early in Ohio. Or they like - didn't  have their head up their ass.

But now.. now we have a new poll that tells absolutely confirms that the GOP is trapped in the midst of an eyes-on self-proctology exam.

49% of The GOP thinks that ACORN STOLE THE 2012 ELECTION FOR OBAMA.

I guess we should be grateful in a way, that figures is actually slightly down from the figure that thought the Dreaded Pirate ACORN stole the 2008 election.  Back then it was 52%.  

Yes, they should get credit.  For that an also for their fantastic imagination because - y'see - um... ACORN DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE!

Nearly endless gobs of misinformation spewed from partisan media outlets in recent years had resulted in an astonishing achievement: 49 percent of Republicans now say that the disbanded community organizing group ACORN stole the 2012 presidential election for President Barack Obama, according to a survey by Public Policy Polling (PPP) released Tuesday.

The finding is especially stunning considering that ACORN, which stands for The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, filed for bankruptcy and disbanded in 2010.

Raw Story (

That's right the Election was stolen by Zombie ACORN, whose going to be joining Zombie Elvis and Zombie Reagan for a sensational Reggae Jam at the Inaugural to Celebrate.

But wait it gets worse....

The apoplectic response to Obama’s win over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney doesn’t stop with feeling robbed. PPP also found that 25 percent of Republicans said they no longer want to be American and would rather their state to secede from the U.S. than take orders from President Obama.
Raw Story (
Secede and do what - Join Canada?  You think you get to keep the protection of the U.S. Army if you do that?  I don't think so pal.

How about we start building that border fence Around Texas and Arizona?.  You wanna go? Fine. GET THE FUCK OUT, all y'all phuckers are beneficiaries states anyway - meaning that much more Federal Tax Dollars go to propping up the economies of Georgia and Alabama  - than it does California or New York.

All if this does just prove what I've been saying for years, the GOP is a pack of self-deluded jack-holes.

It's no wonder Romney didn't write a concession speach, why bother - he had it in the bag, right.  They really seriously didn't think all the darkies, sluts and gays could beat them again.  They thought Obama's first election was Just. Dumb. Fucking. Luck!.

That shit couldn't happen Twice!

Now what do they all do?

Whine about ACORN, when it doesn't even exist anymore.  I used to think these people would eventually hit rock bottom - like a junkie who can't go any lower who finally reaches the moment of clarity and self-understanding need to turn away from their adddiction to bullshit.

Yeah, but I think many in the GOP are too far gone for that.

Might as well expect these dimwits to run Bigfoot in 2016 - he could be White under all that fur, but at least he's couldn't possibly be... a Liberal.


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