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Wed Dec 05, 2012 at 12:13 PM PT: UPDATE 2: Well, things are never that simple. LuvLee is spending the day (I hope only the day) at the pootie hospital, so they can get her rehydrated & fed & give her the first shot & then check her blood & make sure everything is okay before I get her back. I hope to hear good news in about 4 hours. Of course the cost of the hospital wiped out my grocery fund, lol, so I am still gratefully accepting sales & donations. And also very grateful for all your good wishes including all the purrs, woofs, chirps, and bunny hops!

Wed Dec 05, 2012 at  8:31 AM PT: UPDATE: Once again the Kos community came through! You've added enough to my coffers that I can buy LuvLee's insulin and needles, plus you've replenished my grocery fund, too. That's BFD, because I didn't know how I was going to take care of LuvLee if I couldn't eat :) I am heading out shortly to get my insulin and go to the vet clinic for my training on how to administer it, so it will be a while before I can answer your comments & send out my thank-you's. But know that the first hurdle has been conquered. I will give updates on how LuvLee is doing. Thank you again, I love you all!!!

Original diary, scroll down for stores & donation links: I thought this, my first Kos Katalogue diary, would be a “buy my stuff because it’s so cool, yay me :)” type of diary. I did not intend to mix it up with a Community Fundraising plea, but circumstances got the better of me. As some of you know from my comments on PWB & IAN threads, my pootie LuvLee has been diagnosed with diabetes :(
LuvLee in her boudoir 101612-003

I thought I was on my way to working with her diet and avoiding the insulin shots, but that may not be possible. Follow me over the Orange Itzl, and I’ll tell you what we need for LuvLee. And of course show you some pics of my cool stuff that you can’t wait to buy ;)

Long story short, LuvLee is 13. Last week I got her a big Senior Check-up at my VCA clinic. Came back with diagnosis of diabetes. I started her on the high-protein RX diet and she loved it. But perhaps I went too quickly on changing the diet and after a day she stopped eating. She hasn’t eaten a normal meal since Sunday morning. I’ve been back to VCA & also took her back today for additional check-ups, probiotics, and today an anti-nausea shot. The good news, when we got home this afternoon she wanted food and actually ate a little bit of usual food plus some probiotics. But not enough.

I’d been hoping to avoid the insulin, as I said, for several reasons: I’d rather do holistics, thank you, because that’s where I’m at (I practice Jin Shin Jyutsu and I've ordered an herbal formula that a fellow pootie person told me about). I’m not thrilled about doing needles 2x a day (but I will if I have to). And the expense - $140/vial of insulin (that’s at Sam’s Club - oh yuck!), plus the cost of needles and additional testing. I just can’t do it. Today I spent the all money I’d budgeted for groceries this month on the check-up & shots. The total I’ve spent so far is about $700. I am strapped :(

So, please do some holiday shopping and help us, k? You already helped me pay for the first Senior Pootie Check-up with all the neat stuff you bought in November! Check out what I have to offer:

From my Zibbet store, Jan4insight Handmade Gallery (it’s also linked in my sig line with a coupon offer):

Fabulous crochet scarves and afghans, to keep cozy this winter:

Winter scarf crochet denim blues medley 101812-003

Red Fire colorblock afghan + LuvLee-3

Yes, that’s LuvLee Herself posing with the afghan!

Neat crocheted jewelry:
Necklace red black silver on cord 112412-003

And for the hard-to-shop-for person on your list, how about a beautiful matted print:
Faded Aspens matted print-005

Now, moving on to my Etsy shop, EclecticaByJan, I have the perfect thing for your metaphysically-minded friend - tabletop labrynths, as well as readings and treasure maps made to order:
Tabletop labyrinth - balance your chakras!

And, a small but exclusive selection of vintage & collectibles:
Mimbres Fish vintage wall hanging 051712-005

And, for a limited time I’ve added a coupon code to my Etsy shop: 10% off with code ETSYKOS at checkout! Oh, I also have direct checkout so you can purchase without setting up an Etsy account (sorry, it doesn’t work that way at Zibbet).

Well, that’s my story. Since I hope this will get picked up by Community Fundraisers, I'll give my PayPal address for anyone who wants to donate directly: burchjan[at] - the PayPal receipt will show my business name, Geo-Glow Consulting.

I’m truly grateful for all help & support I’ve gotten so far from my fellow Kossacks, and I hope this will help the holiday season turn out happier for me and LuvLee. Many purrs and thanks to all of you!

Originally posted to jan4insight on Tue Dec 04, 2012 at 08:45 PM PST.

Also republished by Kos Katalogue, Community Fundraisers, and PWB Peeps.

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