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He starts off his column with the usual Norquistian drivel about taxes, pledges, and voters. Whilst prattling on he fails to note when the last time the Republican's actually managed to balance a budget; 1956/57 under Dwight Eisenhower [yes he of the "dangers of the military industrial complex"], and he certainly wouldn't want to mention the tax rates at that time. He does however mention Bill Clinton, yet surprise surprise, he fails to mention both the tax rates and cuts in the military budget.

At the end of the Clinton administration, when the budget was balanced (largely by revenue generated by commercialization of the Internet), annual federal spending was $1.94 trillion and revenue was $2.10 trillion. “Adjusting for inflation and population growth since the start of 2001,” Dorfman writes, “today’s equivalents would be $2.77 trillion and $3.00 trillion,” and a $230 billion surplus
He then blithly skips over the Bush years, you know, the last time the fiscally responsible party held the reins.
What is to blame for today’s huge imbalance? The George W. Bush tax cuts? The recession? Obama’s spending? Dorfman answers yes, yes and yes — but that  “spending is the main culprit” because:
*the link highlights the spending [military]

Like so many idiots in our time George Will seems to believe that the recession was the ideal time to cut spending.

His "responsible" party should have thought of that last time they cut revenue and then went on a global witch hunt. He refuses to even acknowledge that the same warmongers are lurking in the corridors of DC. Lack of fiscal control and oversight caused the crash and because of this lack of economic acumen Obama should have plunged the dagger into out chests and given the wealth of the nation to a few? God save us from these bloody morons.

Even Will recognizes the crass stupidity of talking about the fiscal cliff:

The shrillness of “cliff” talk bewitches minds that should be skeptical about the supposed point of all this — deficit reduction. Conservatives, many of whom are such because they understand government’s metabolic urge to metastasize, believe that spending cuts will be chimeras.
Yet he totally fails in outlining the history of why we are in this mess in the first place, as usual his only methodology is to give the nation's wealth to the already obscenely rich. He calls returning to Clinton's tax rates and military cuts the liberal agenda, yet fails to note the Republican agenda of war, tax cuts and greed as being the real root of the problem.

A thoroughly dishonest piece of crap; we'll all have unicorns if only we would give our wealth to the trolls under the bridge.

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