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No, that is not a typo, nor a joke headline to get more clicks.  That is a direct quote from Adelson himself.  I am not writing about another person that shares the name "Sheldon Adelson", either.  This is the same man who gave millions of dollars, first to Newt Gingrich's (book) campaign then to the defeated Willard Romney's SuperPAC.  That Sheldon Adelson.  The guy who can burn $150million and be fine.  

A self-described "social liberal."  Over the orange croissant for the unbelievable source.

Name me one Republican, even the supposedly moderate Scott Brown or Susan Collins, who would be fine with the following quote:

“Number one, I’m supporting stem-cell research,” he said, pointing to a chart of the new Adelson medical research foundation that is funding some stem-cell based science.

“I’m pro choice,” he said.  Republicans are pro-life, but he and his wife are not pro-life in politics, he said.

“You can take your own religious beliefs …and live your life with your own beliefs. But to make it a portion of the government’s policies?” He shook his head.

“Abortion shouldn’t be brought up as a political issue,” he said.

Mr. Adelson continued on his list of liberal leanings.

On immigration: “I’m pro-Dream Act, I’m pro the Dream Act. My parents were immigrants to this  country,” he said. “What are we going to do ? Listen, I’m sure a lot of my parents generation …..snuck onto the ship and they came into the country.

Are you kidding me?  This laptop is new, so I am very careful about what I read when drinking coffee.  But that quote, from that person?  This is the Onion, right?  Uh, no.  The source of this unbelievable interview is none other than the Conservative Der Sturmer itself, the Wall Street Journal!  I really hate giving the bums the traffic, but here's the link.  I can't believe the interview wasn't "taken out of context" or any other such weasel worded "clarification" that is issued when a public figure accidentally tells the truth.  This is from a day ago; I didn't want to write anything because I expected this article to be taken down at the behest of.....someone. The unbelievable quotes keep coming: (sit down and swallow coffee before continuing)
Finally,  he said casually: “And by the way I’m in favor of a socialized-like health care.”

Asked he was sure he was in the right party, he and his wife laughed.

“Look, nobody agrees with 100 % of their planks” in the GOP platform, he and Dr. Adelson both said.

His interest in health care comes from his wife, and Israel’s national medical-care system, he said, as well as his Judaism.

“I think that to take care of everybody is part of Tikkun Olam” the Hebrew motto meaning “repair the world,” he said. “And to deprive somebody for money of heath care or [medical] testing is bordering on criminal.”

Think back to your Thanksgiving dinner.  Remember Uncle Mike?  Everyone has an Uncle Mike: The guy working a union job, whose kid just got out of the hospital but was covered by Mike's health insurance even though he's 23.  But Uncle Mike is a crazy-eyed conservative, ranting about Kenya, Saul Alinski and the Second Amendment while you drink his bootleg moonshine.  If social conservative Uncle Mike popped off, screeching about how the wealthy needed to pay more taxes, you would almost expect Republican operatives to instantly appear, convene a drumhead tribunal, interrogate him about how long he's been an ACORN mole and excommunicate him from The Party.

But Uncle Mike didn't just drop $150 million into shadowy SuperPACs.  Uncle Mike is no billionaire.  Sheldon Adelson is.  Those millions were a simple investment for him, an attempt to keep his marginal tax rates low.  If Romney was elected, Adelson's investment would have easily paid off many times over.

Reading the comments on that WSJ blog as the libertarians and Paulites fight with the social conservatives is sweet, sweet schadenfreude.   Republicans, even your hero, who "kept it close", isn't on your side.  He's totally in politics for his own economic benefit, just like the leaders of your party.  

5:56 AM PT: Just to clarify, in no way do I believe for one nanosecond that Adelson is somehow "liberal."  He's scum.  And also obviously very confused.  Or just evil.

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