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A gunman is on the loose inside the Clackamas Town Center mall near Portland, OR. Local TV says between 10-15 shots have been fired, and one source says up to three people have been hit. KGW-TV says the store "cages" have been dropped and the mall is secured; the gunman, who is reported to be carrying a rifle, is apparently cooped up in the Macys.

More at KGW's live stream. This is going to be the top story for a while.

4:10 PM PT: The shooting reportedly started in the food court. A witness says store employees let her and many other shoppers out the back doors before closing the steel shutters.

4:12 PM PT: OregonLive is reporting two dead. Earlier, KATU reported up to sixty shots fired; OLive is repeating this. Local sports guy John Canzano was in the parking lot, and I believe he was the source of the initial injury reports. There are reports also that the shooter fled into Macys when his rifle jammed.

4:15 PM PT: The rifle may be an AR-15. Some reports say deputies found a full magazine on the floor.

4:16 PM PT: Police are shutting down I-205 near Clackamas Town Center. Avoid the area.

4:17 PM PT: I should add, we (Oregon) don't get this kind of thing often. We had one of the big school shootings years ago in Springfield, but I can't remember a big shooting spree here in recent years.

4:22 PM PT: Witness telling KGW he heard between 9 and 15 shots in rapid succession. AMR (ambulance) has confirmed to KGW that they are transporting one person.

4:23 PM PT: OLive now reporting seven people injured, two dead. AMR has multiple ambulances scrambling. If you're in the Clackamas Town Center area, get off your cellphone. The towers are overloading.

4:27 PM PT: KGW now reporting witnesses say shooter was a tall older man--alone--wearing a white mask and some form of armor.

4:30 PM PT: Sunnyside Road is closed.

4:31 PM PT: KATU has pictures from inside the mall of people hiding.

4:33 PM PT: Police have confirmed the two deaths to OLive.

4:34 PM PT: News conference in 15 minutes.

4:42 PM PT: Trimet has announced Bus lines 28, 29, 30, 31, 71, 72, 79, 152, 155 and 156 are not serving Clackamas Town Center.

4:43 PM PT: KATU is reporting the shooter is down, but no one else has confirmed. The shooter may be among the two confirmed dead.

4:44 PM PT: Also: Trimet says Green Line is closed. Last stop is Fuller.

4:46 PM PT: Trimet is sending in buses to pick up the stranded.

4:47 PM PT: Scanner reports about 150 people holed up in Nordstroms safe room (WTH? Nordstroms has a safe room?).

4:49 PM PT: Police PIO: "We believe the shooter has been neutralized."

4:49 PM PT: PIO: "There are confirmed dead. I don't have numbers...Lifeflight is on the scene to treat at least one injured person."

4:50 PM PT: And with that, I'm ending my updates. Gods bless us all. :(

5:38 PM PT: One last one, so you don't have to scroll down: The male shooter is dead. Two more people are dead. One person is confirmed injured. People are still inside the mall as the police are slowly clearing stores one by one. BTW, I called the PIO "police," but in actual fact he's from Clackamas County Sheriffs. I was typing fast. Sheriffs Office says if you're a witness, they want to hear from you.

Originally posted to LynnS in Words on Tue Dec 11, 2012 at 04:05 PM PST.

Also republished by PDX Metro, Koscadia, and Shut Down the NRA.

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