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I'm sure many have seen this new item from the Himmler-scape.
... Just can't make this stuff up anymore.

Bryan Fischer: Homosexuality May Be A 'Birth Defect' That Could... Lead Parents To Abort Children

Welcome to the bizarre gazebo: The weather is sunny and mild, the beams and lattices are freshly painted, the glass of ice tea so delicious- and all of us here are absolutely crazy as batshit.

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  •  No prob. because the ones who would want to kill (5+ / 0-)

    the homo are the ones who are pro life and anti abortion.

    Fisher has become a dog who finally catches and bites its own tail.

    Is he admitting that homosexuality is innate and not a choice?

  •  Newsflash (5+ / 0-)

    Something that happens naturally to some 8% of humanity, and doesn't involve pathogens or toxins, is not a "birth defect" -- it is natural human biological diversity.

    The scientific theory misunderstood by this homophobic radio mouth proposes an way that epigenetics could be responsible for LGBT. Epigenetics is a chemical system of gene regulation which involves markers attached either to DNA or to the histone proteins that DNA is wound on. Epigenetics controls how cells develop from a fertilized ovum into the 300 or so different cell types in a human body. Some epigenetic markers are passed from parents to offspring (see genomic imprinting) but most are erased during very early development (blastocyst formation). But exactly how this erasure is regulated is incompletely understood.

    The idea of this theory is that certain epigenetic markers affect genes that can be activated or deactivated by androgen signaling, and exempt genes from the usual effects of androgen. This is useful during fetal development in both sexes, but different sets of markers would be used for each sex, e.g. markers that reduce sensitivity to androgens for some genes of females or increase it for some genes of males. Ordinarily a male fetus will develop under the regimen of the markers inherited from its paternal parent, and a female fetus under the markers inherited from its female parent, but the theory proposes a way in which this could sometimes be reversed, leading to androgen insensitivity in certain genes in a male fetus or increased androgen sensitivity in girls. The increased or decreased sensitivity would not be across the board, but only on specific genes with certain epigenetic markers, so this would not be enough to cause intersex conditions, but it could make differences in development of parts of the brain affected by those specific genes.

    This theory is testable. We have the ability to sequence the epigenomes of cells, and there is an effort underway to sequence the epigenome of every human cell type (the human epigenome project). In addition, we will need to do this for many different people from many different populations. If this theory is correct, we will find specific epigenetic markers on certain genes in LGBT people that are not found on non LGBT people.

    Note that the earlier idea that LGBT people have genetic differences from straights has not yet found any support from gene sequencing: nobody has found any gene variants (polymorphisms) associated with LGBT, after a decade or so of searching. If no epigenetic markers are found to be associated with LGBT, this theory will be have to be discarded.

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