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Hey, all, I'm still on extremely restricted diary-posting duty for the next few weeks, but I couldn't let this one slip by:

State House passes bill allowing concealed weapons in schools, day care centers, stadiums, churches

Changes to the concealed weapons law passed the state House Thursday evening, allowing highly trained gun owners to carry their weapons in formerly verboten places, like schools, day care centers, stadiums and churches.

Yes, that's right, in addition to the union-busting RTW bill, the misogynistic anti-abortion/anti-contraception/anti-women bill, the all-new Emergency Manager bill (to replace the one that was just shot down 5 weeks ago) and the package of public school-destroying bills that they're trying to cram through, the Michigan House of Representatives has just voted to make it legal to bring concealed weapons into DAY CARE CENTERS.

Let me repeat that: DAY CARE CENTERS.
I've nothing else to say at this time.
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