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Everyone is focused on "gun control", which is perhaps the wrong way to be thinking about the problem. Don't control the guns. Its a long up hill battle as we already know. Why not try a different more creative path to get up the mountain that until now has been unreachable?

Here is the strategy:

Gun control advocates face 2 huge mountains. America's love for guns, and the NRA. Like climate change deniers, the facts don't arguing logic really doesn't work. Look at what is coming from the pro gun crowd already... teachers should have guns, etc. So don't restrict the guns, restrict the bullets...
At the State, City and Local levels of government. Use the same tactics the right wing has been using from abortion restrictions, womens health, gun laws, etc. Start bullet legislation... at the grass roots level. It will pass hands down in very liberal legislations and not pass in very conservative areas. Here are some things that could be legislated at each level:
Perhaps bullets can be bought solely at police stations in that state..or city, or town.
Perhaps bullets in a city will tax assualt rifle bullets at a huge rate, upping the cost of of operating that gun.
Perhaps a county will add a "deposit charge" and every shell case in a box of bullets.. bring the shell case back, you get your deposit back. Shell casings pollute waterways. Its toxic metals.
Perhaps a city can mandate that an insurance policy be sold with every gun ( which must be purchased on a Credit Card. That alone stops instant purchases for many people and is an instant record. Don't have a Credit Card? You have to go to a police station to get a document to buy a gun.

Get creative. With bullet legislation. The NRA will be running ragged trying to put out many jurisdiction battles in so many different areas depleting their funds. If this idea went nationwide, on Monday you could already see local intitiatives starting to chip away at the problem. Throw enough stuff on the wall and some of it will stick.

Look at Gay Marriage and medical marijuana or legalization. One by one, states are falling. Do the same with bullet legislation. Not one word in the Constitution about bullets. Is it really an "arm?. It's just a piece of the whole puzzle. Deposits or requiring bullets be purchasesed in certain places or requiring an insurance policy come with every gun ( get the insurance companies to see a few revenue source ( high risk policies mean $$) and you now have the Insurance companies on your side taking on the NRA too. Is it too much to required an insurance policy with every gun? Even the mandate in Obama just passed muster with the Supremes.
Don't wait for the Federal system to do it. if it happens, great. if not or takes forever, things will already be moving forward. Besides, when it does happen will be pissed down legislation. Have it's back. Start at the easy picking local jurisdictions, and work your way out from there. Plant the seeds at the local levels... with every type of legislation to add a layer of cost, inconvenience, protection, and revenue.  Even one out of 10 wins over a few thousand initiatives is a major win for the movement and a start forward on the journey. Make this the left's "Right to Life" movment. Use the local jurisdictions as the laboratories to see which movements pass easily. Go after the bullets. Let them keep their guns. The mind telling us " we can't do this, or we can't do that becase of this or that, is the biggest impediment to any gun control legislation". The NRA  has people believing its futile to try to restrict guns. Don't fall into the trap.
And please, add any ideas to how to restrict bullets in the replies below.

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