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On December 4, 2012 Piers Morgan had two guests on his show to discuss global warming.  Marc Morano dominated the dialog. Mr. Nye could barely get a word in edge-wise while Mr. Morano spewed a litany of anti-climate change rhetoric.

Within minutes of the show completion (12/4 22:03), a transcript of this show with hyperlinks for reference was posted on the NewsBusters web site. NewBusters is a project of the Media Research Center, “Exposing and Combating liberal Media Bias.”  Maybe their subtitle should be “Obscuring and Promoting the Conservative Agenda…”

What a wealth of data to perform an investigative analysis!

Marc Morano’s Depot of climate lies centers around a collection of arguments that are either an extreme minority opinion in climate research, blatant twisting of facts presented by scientists or in report, or flat out deception.  I leave it to the reader to come to his own conclusion from this analysis.

Don’t take this report as face value, review his claims, you’ll find a thin veneer of rhetoric over a twisting of the facts.

Analysis of Marc Morano's talking Points from 12/4/12
  Piers Morgan Tonight show
Summary ©
  2012, Frank Paine
Piers Morgan had Marc Morano from Climate Depot as a counter to
  Bill Nye the science guy to argue different points on climate change on
  12/4.  Morano recited a littany of
  anti climate change talking points in the show
  Morgan's blog is here
  detailed transcript with hyperlinks to reference is at the conservative blog
(with hyperlink)
Reference used
  to support point
Analysis of
  argument against response
Hundreds of factors influence global temperature ClimateDepot
  Offers Sound bite Answers to Man-Made Global Warming
Referenced to
  Philip Stott - Well within the 3% of Climatologists who disagree with Global
Reference to argument is fringe opinion
  regarding global warming, or misinterpretation of public statements
  Influences global temperature
Decline in Sun output may induce little ice age Reference
  to 2007 peer-review study. Argues that the little ice age of 1645 caused by
  reduced solar activity
  in solar activity would cause a cooling effect, which is not happening, as
  discussed in the PDF
  feedback influences global temperature
The Hockey Schtick: negative feedback from clouds
  dampen global warming
  a blog with no comments?
Clouds reflect energy and trap heat reflected by
  the earth.  Models show clouds
  absorb 4 times more energy than previously thought.
  Dust influences global temperature
Lack of volcanic dust may have resulted in a
  fractional degree increase in global temperature
  of dust would be responsible for 0.1 - 0.2 degree rise. Global temperatures
  have risen over 1 F
  dust, this argument is clouding the debate
The idea that CO2 is the tail that wags the dog is not
  Morano shows that it pays to be ignorant.
Wikipedia has a whole portal on global
  warming.  It's pretty detailed.
New Peer-reviewed story shows
  Medieval and Roman warming periods were warmer than today.
Written by David Whitehouse at the Global Warming
  Policy Foundation
Reference to article on Extra-tropical Northern
  Hemisphere temperature (fig 5)
  misinterpretation of data in report based on one data point. (glacial decline
  also not historical issue)
We've gone 16 years without
  global warming
Global Warming Policy Foundation: Media should do
  their homework.
  to an article in the Daily Mail - and the rebuttal in Guardian
The Guardian deconstructs the arguments pretty
  well - demonstrating they have an extreme view.
16 year data source (UK Met
Watts up with that  (Anthony Watts), Written by David Rose
  - contrary to scientific reporting covered in UK DailyMail
Response from  Met Office team. Rose has misled
  before about climate change.
  response lies with statistics.
Acts of Congress can control the
  Morano interview on Fox (11/26/12)
  weather events are natural occurrences and shouldn't be used to justify
  global warming regulations
Congress can control the issues with the
  climate, as demonstrated with regulation of chemicals impact the ozone layer.
Growing human numbers destroying
  the planet is nonsense
  Prospect Magazine - Fred Pearce 3/8/2010. - Population is leveling out
  that the developing countries are responsible for most CO2 emissions.
  point of the article is that overconsumption is the issue that is destroying
  the planet
Population Going Down: Is too
  few people the new 'population problem?'
  Debate with Thom Hartmann 8/11/2009
birth rates for some developing
  nations below "replacement level"
Red Herring. It
  isn't the population, it's consumption.  
What impact does CO2 have on
  Climate change?
  Dr. Will Happer claims increase of CO2 is good for mankind in front of
  Senator Inhofe Environment and Public works committee. (2/25/09)
  consequences" of Increase levels of CO2.  CO2 levels were as high several times
  in past 10000 years
Blatant falsehood.  CO2 levels weren't has high any time
  in historical records.
Warmer period with lower CO2 Blog Post called "the colder side of Global
  Warming" which refers to Real Science blog
  graphic of temperature vs. CO2 concentration during "Medieval warm
Medieval warm period wasn't as warm as modern
  times. (science 9/4/2009)
Colder Periods with higher CO2 Note
  that this is written by an Australian Farmer actively involved in Australia's
  industry and organizations (2009)
  will always be a fringe group that disagrees with climate change, such as
  this - CO2 levels are higher now than at any prior age
You have to go way back Back to the Hockey Schtick   Last previous peak of CO2 was 325,000 years ago
  and far below our current peak.
Global Medieval Warm Period Global Warming for one tropical island in
  Southern Hemisphere (New Caledonia)
  for one island between 950 - 1250 AD, while in Europe temperatures
This was before the "little ice age"
  (16th-19th centuries) and current records show much higher temperatures
Our web site has scores of
  Radio Discussion between Marc Morano & Michael Mann
  studies cover extreme minority versus general consensus of scientists 
Large Global Consensus of Scientific
  organizations who agree with climate changed induced by civilization
Demolishes the hockey stick idea See
  shtick above
  Another scientific reference that demonstrates
  his minory opions are pure rhetoric.
CO2 increase is not dangerous     "Dangerous"
  is a loaded term not worth discussing
Scores of Studies Morano v. Mann BBC interview: 11/30/2012 BBC
  interview of Michael Mann vs. Marc Morano (he plays offense against people
  and facts)
  Morano's have not been specifically questioned regarding the claims at the
  web site climate Depot and prior while working for Sanator Inhofe as Director
  of Communication.  He needs to be
All these factors dwarf the effects of CO2   back
  to dismissing the impact of CO2 without claiming they are in the minority
2001 IPCC Report describes the impact of CO2 and
  methane (and little impact from natural forces)
Anecdotal evidence - not
  of Roger Pielke, Prof. of environmental studies & Technology Policy
  Research, UC Bolder (2010)
  unsupportable and just wrong claims are being advanced by leading scientists
  and scientific organizations"
Obviously Professor Pielke understands he is in
  the minority view, I wish Mr. Morano did.
Science at the level of your
  Daily horoscope
Obama Speech 9/6/2012 Marc
  Morano claims "full witchcraft" and that climate change isn't
  causing extreme weather
This is a blatant anti-science statement from
  someone with an extreme minority view. (think squeaky wheel)
Climate change proof are only bad
  weather events
  reference to his Fox news interview (11/26/12)
  there isn't as many hurricanes than obviously there isn't global warming?
Climate change proof is long term trends of
  global measurements.
Tornado activity has dropped
  dramatically (F-3 or higher)
Blog of Doctor Roy Spenser - former NASA
  analysis of F3 tornadoes
Overall tornado count is higher, though not as
Longest for Category 3 hurricane
  not hitting US since 1990
Reference to WSJ Opinion article 10/31/2012 by
  Roger Pielke Jr.
  great Miami hurricane of 1926 would cost $180B. Note Sandy's cost now close
  to $50B (#6 rank)
Skeptical Science site has good article
  demonstrating that a link is likely.
No change in US drought in 60
  Drought Severity Index (PDSI) overestimates global drought (nature 11/15/12)
  Science report - droughts may not increase since climate change
  change impacts other metrological patterns.
No drought change in 85-126 years Actually, it's about floods not droughts, blog by
  Roget Pielke Jr.
Reference to Hydrological Sciences Journal issue,
  completely invalid reference
Hottest year a political
  Depot Editorial by Marc Morano, one year doesn't make a difference  (note that it's about 2010)
  was around 2012, MM pulls in 2010 as argument (duh?) & two years later…
Weather Channel Analysis shows that 2012 was the
  hottest year on record.
Kyoto Protocol would not impact
  the temperatures (Cato: 5/7/1998)
  Institute Policy Analysis completed by Patrick Michaels, Prof. of
  Environmental studies at UV and Cato Senior fellow
  Protocol wouldn't have made a significant impact on CO2 and the climate
Changes in the climate since 1998 is proof in the
Assuming you buy into their
  Depot Editorial by Marc Morano
  2009 surveys show climate change lowest priority of issues
10/15/12 Pew Research survey shows more agree
  with climate change
US Climate Bill Free Market energy blog by Chip Knappenberger,
  has Masters in Environmental Sciences and works at Cato Institute
Reference to
  argument is fringe opinion regarding global warming
  the planet 4-5 degrees cooler
  Depot Editorial by Marc Morano
Reference to Obama speech on 6/25/09 This
  is a play on words - Not having it 4-5 degrees hotter doesn't make it 4-5
  degrees cooler
EPA claims no effect on CO2
  levels or climate
  by Anthony Watts - EPA reference quoted by Sen. Inhofe vs. Energy Sec.
  Chu.  & EPA Jackson
Unilateral action by US will have no effect on
  climate, which was agreed by Jackson
EPA Report has a report on climate change
  indicators completed every two years
The Developing  Nations are getting 1K+ Coal plants News article in the Guardian 12/19/12 Article
  points out this is not a "safe climate scenario"
  renewable energy sources could be funded with "Green Climate fund"
  described below
Stopping carbon fuels impacts
  poverty nations more
  Morano speech at UN earth summit - "sustainable development as oil, gas,
  coal" 6/20-21/2012
  baby, burn.
  more on research for non-carbon fuels, such as wind, solar and fusion
Most Immoral position you can
  African activist Leon Louw claims "green climate fund" keeps poor
  nations from developing 12/11/11
  climate fund creates bureaucracy in developing nations without getting
  anything done
  climate conference puts all countries under the same legal regime and
  distribute $10Bs to developing nations
Solutions will have no detectable
Analysis of Waxman-Markey climate bill 5/6/09 Wait
  - it doesn't make a difference?
  there should be a stricter bill that can make a real difference
Climate Models violate 81 out of
  87 principles of forecasting
  scientists post rebuttal against 2010 US climate action report (5/5/10)
link to 2010 Climate action report 3
  Scientists are obviously with a minority view
Nothing doing - Ocean levels rising     Graph showing long-term changes show increase in
  sea level. (see graph)
Nothing doing - planet getting hotter     Historical graph demonstrating temperature
Nothing doing - ice sheets shrinking     Everyone who has doubt about climate change
  should see this movie.
US CO2 emissions are dropping Rapid
  adoption of Shale Gas dropping US CO2 emissions
  to Global Warming Policy Foundation Blog has been removed
  - this can be a good thing, we need to convince other nations…
  levels have been rising since the end of the ice age
Blog by P. Gosselin, anti-climate change Reference
  to article on CO2 Science web site. 
Article missing?
Obviously Mr. Morano has no clue about ocean
  changes during glacial melt
  is no acceleration
sea levels are not rising faster, but slowing
  changes over short timeframes have varying results
Graph showing long-term changes show increase in
  sea level. (see graph)
  acceleration per: Dutch Metrological Institute
  Op-end in NRC/Handelsbad. Invalid link, also reference to 6/9/09 Wash. Post
  link goes to which is a list of anti-climate change references
  is no information to address this
  base data
Blog by Steve Goddard, showing sea level rise not
  rising as fast
  is Steven Goddard, but his argument is the annual rise of ocean level is
The intent reference link for this argument is
  to show ocean rising over longer span of time.
  Acceleration of Sea level
Back to Steve Goddard, so refers to Sea level
  rise article by BBC news
11/29/2012 BBC article on polar ice melt includes
  graph showing "ice sheet contribution to sea level"
long-term trends show otherwise as described in
  the actual article in Science 11/30/12 referenced by BBC
  claim it's worse than we thought
  by Marc Morano
  litany of references to misquotes or contrary claims
There should be English reporters calling out
  misquotes or contrary claims by Climate Depot
  Paul Enters Petition signed by 31,478 Scientists into congressional record
6/15/09: This is reference to the Petition
  Project - Petition with no audit?
Petition Project is a mockery of the
  scientific process.
More Examples of Opinions of impact on climate
  caused by humans
More than 1000 Scientists
  dissent over man-made global warming
Report completed by Climate Depot & Committee
  for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT)
  scatted though document, 22-41, 47-61, 63-65, 310-320, do some scientists
  claim data is taken out of context?
Survey completed by Stanford University
  professors of 1,372 climate researchers and published by Proceedings of
  National Academy of Science: 12/2009
  Institute petition w/16,000 signatures to Rein in Rogue EPA
Senator Inhofe submitted petition to cut budget
  of EPA
Reference from ClimateDepot here 12/26/12 Attack against EPA is an example of the
  Republican war on science
  to Senators signed by 160 scientists (12/9/09)
  members of American Physical Society (note link to signees no longer valid)
  that the signatures account to only 0.45% of American Physical Societies
  47,000 members
A full description how list was created is
  described in the Paper "Science Bypass"

How can the game of anti-climate deniers be desrupted?

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