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The GOP is a scam. It's not about politics, the party is about transferring taxpayer money to rich people while the nation burns.

One of the less scintillating milestones of the 2012 election was marked by the General Services Administration, when Mitt Romney became the first candidate to take advantage of the Presidential Transition Act of 2010.

... SNIP ...

The GSA says final costs are still being tabulated, but the initial estimated cost for Romney’s pre-transition phase is around $8.9 million.

The design, construction and space planning for the Romney team’s office space, which took up multiple floors in the Mary E. Switzer building a couple miles from the White House, cost about $2.5 million. The furniture bill came in around $740,000, and basics like office supplies cost about $30,000. The biggest chunk by far came from communications and related hardware. Items such as IT services, computer equipment and cell phones cost $5.6 million. The GSA noted that some of the resources would be recycled; Dell Latitude Laptops bought for Romney’s 500-strong transition team, for example, will be used by other parts of the federal government. Rent charges were waived by the GSA, as they traditionally are for transition teams during the President-Elect phase.

Swampland (Time Magazine)

A 500 strong transition team? 500 strong? Doing what, exactly? Designing new stationary? Planning for how to fumigate the residential parts of the White House so that there would be no Obama cooties left behind?

Your tax dollars at work, helping Willard M. Romney score yet another scam.

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