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I've been thinking about what the modern Republican party stands for.

And I've figured out it can be summed up in three words: More dead Americans.

Let's take a look:

In the news a lot lately are guns. Thousands of Americans die every year from gunshot wounds. Some of them died in Columbine or Sandy Hook, and those tragedies get (justifiably) lots of press. But thousands more die when some guy gets in a fight with some other guy, pulls out a gun, and shoots him.  Sometimes while drunk. And (although it's not entirely partisan) Republicans are far more in favor of guns than Democrats are.

War does many things. One of the things it does very well is turn people into corpses. Which party is more in favor of more wars? Which party had a president who said God told him to go to war? Which party has a lot of people who are saying we shouldn't get out of Afghanistan and should get into Syria?

Pollution kills people. Global warming kills people (and will kill a whole lot more people). Dirty water and air kill people. Which party denies global warming and opposes efforts to clean up the air?

If you drill, you will spill. If you spill, you will kill. Drill baby! Drill!

We spend more per capita on health care than any other country, but we aren't the healthiest. We don't have the longest lives or the lowest infant mortality. Which party thinks that's just fine and shouldn't be changed?

Yeah! Let's cut those programs! Let the poor eat less or have less medicine. That way they will want to be rich.

Planned Parenthood saves lives. Republicans oppose it. Funding for women's shelters saves lives. Republicans oppose it.

Torture kills. Not only does it sometimes kill the person being tortured, but it also makes it easier for terrorists to recruit people who then kill others. And torture doesn't work. Who's for it? Mostly Republicans

Many occupations are inherently dangerous; but the danger can be limited by government regulation and prosecution of those guilty. Who opposes this? Mostly Republicans.

The pharmaceutical industry is in business to make money selling drugs. Fine. But they, too, need regulation, and the FDA attempts to provide it. Who's against it? Mostly Republicans.

Sadly, on each of these issues some Democrats have compromised. But the main point is that, overwhelmingly, the party favoring policies that will result in more dead Americans is the Republican party.

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