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Stop.  Calm yourself down.  Take a deep breath.  Now think only about one thing: feeling at ease, in peace, happy.  During your day, on average, how often do you feel like that?

I guess that depends on who you are; on your particular situation in life regarding your health, financial wherewithal, maturity, intelligence, environment, friends, family, and many other factors.

The poorer you are, the more likely it is that you may feel stressed more often.  If you are doing better, financially, emotionally, and socially, it is likely that you may experience the feeling of contentment more often.

But collectively, as a society, we are not doing that well, and hence there is a general feeling of malaise; a feeling of apprehension; of fear.

Why is that?  It's because of imbalances, misallocation of resources, waste, abuse, exploitation, corruption, injustice, and unfairness--within the system.

It all starts with mother nature, with natural resources, with the environment.  It's a gift, a blessing.  As human beings we have the capacity to live in harmony with mother nature.  We have the capacity to live in a sustainable way, where people could be fed, clothed, nourished, educated, and enlightened.  We have the capacity to have a higher consciousness, of living in harmony with nature and with each other.

We can learn skills, study, make things, trade on products and services with each other; we can prosper.  Those blessed with intelligence, talent, entrepreneurship abilities can contribute a great deal to society; and those in need, sick, infirm, can be treated with compassion.

We can form a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  This of course means that the purpose of such democratic government is to make sure there is a fair allocation of resources for the general well-being of the people it serves, and that we all live under a fair and just legal system.

But we feel unease; something is wrong; things are not working the way they are supposed to.

There is a great imbalance, a contradiction, an absurdity: The majority of the people want to live in a decent society and have an innate understanding of fairness.  Yet, a very tiny minority of individuals whose greed and avarice knows no limits, have been able to subvert the right order of things, to somehow manipulate the minds of the people so we are confused about the true nature of the malaise that affect us, rendering us incapable of taking the necessary steps to make things right; to help bring about harmony.

For if somehow enough of us (the people) realized that the individuals and entities creating havoc and death and destruction and exploitation are made up of a very tiny group of people, who would be totally powerless if not because of the control they have over our minds through propaganda and manipulation, we could bring about a more harmonious society in short order.  The imbalances would dissipate, and a new era of human enlightenment would begin.

For that to happen, we, collectively, would have to reach a higher state of consciousness and understanding.

It's not hard.  Just stop everything you're doing for just a moment; turn the TV off; stop worry about the bills for just a moment; put aside your iPhone.  Slow down.  Quite your mind; stop all the noise.

Seek understanding.  It will all come to you at once; you'll see it clearly.

Once you do, find others who have also broken free from the mind manipulation of the sociopathic ruling class.  The light will spread like wildfire, enveloping the darkness.

Peace, harmony, balance, justice, fairness, will spread right along with the light....


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