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Right now, as you read this, billions and billions and billions of dollars are being transferred from the hardworking middle class (and the poor) directly into the pockets of an increasingly entrenched criminal cartel in the form of the Corporatist plutonomy.

Their crimes are vast... Bribery, the use of slave-like labor, destruction of the environment, outright fraud, collusion.

These crimes, and the looting, is being done by the Insurance industry, by Big Pharma, the worldwide financial criminal cartel, the for-profit health insurance industry.  Even the Judicial systems in entire states have been taken over by criminal racketeering cartels; for an example of that, and to learn about how California's judicial system has turned into a racketeering enterprise, visit this site: Judicial Council Watcher.

So here's the deal: First clean up all the major regulatory agencies that are now led and populated by government officials on the take; greedy, self-serving, opportunists engaged in a sickening and incestuous revolving door arrangement that's increasingly acting against the interests of the citizenry.

All of them: the FAA, FDA, Department of the Interior (NYT: Sex, Drug Use and Graft Cited in Interior Department),  FCC, SEC, and many others. Clean house; appoint true public servants that have no ties to the industries they are supposed to be regulating, and have no conflict of interests (lucrative jobs at companies they are overseeing, etc.).

Right now we are in a situation where very big, big crimes have been committed, and there has been no retribution; no accountability.  These corporatist cartel has been able to commit crimes pretty much in the open, with impunity, under the protection of our government(s).

So let's start by addressing that irrefutable, self-evident reality, and fund the resources needed to conduct proper investigations that lead to indictments, prosecutions, and convictions of criminals at the highest levels of the food chain.  You all know the people I'm talking about; the Wall Street criminals; the health insurance industry criminal cartels; government officials on the take.

And voilà, you'll resolve the country's budget deficit problem!  After all, it is because of these crimes and relentless looting of the treasury that brought about the Great Recession, and accelerated the transfer of wealth and power to the tyrannical, greedy, and exploitative ruling class.

It's not so-called entitlement programs, medicare, social security, head starts, and programs to help the poor that's the problem.  It's the other way around: Government dysfunction, and poverty, and despair, increase when you have a situation such as the one we have now.  When an increasingly entrenched criminal ruling class is able to commit crimes and bilk the coffers of the country with impunity.

Stop that bullshit, and we'll be on our way to a sound fiscal situation.  That's all.


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