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If you want to learn something about the knuckleheaded Republican base, look no further than John Boehner's facebook page.  Some of the comments - bigoted, hateful, illiterate and homophobic - pretty much sum up today's GOP.

He posted this a few minutes ago, and there are already hundreds of responses.

Getting critical aid to the victims of Hurricane Sandy should be the first priority in the new Congress, and today I reaffirmed that with members of the New York and New Jersey delegations. The House will vote Friday to direct needed resources to the National Flood Insurance Program, and consider the remaining requests on January 15th -- the first full legislative day of the 113th Congress.
A couple of responses from the lovely GOP base:
Take the money needed for this relief FROM EGYPT! AND THE OTHER MUSLIM BROTHERHOODS!
You gonna give them another blank check? You're welcome faggot
yor are a turn coat
Awww, you guys... he's on O's friend-list...
Mr boehner, you will not have a job in 2 years. Go to hell you socialist piece of shit.
Boehner You are a spineless fool and a gutless clown go to hell!
Shut up, you drunk crybaby sellout!!!!
you resigning you crybaby douchebag?
you sell out.....i hope cantor, rubio or west take your position. wuss...
LOL.  The knives are out and there's plenty more where that came from.  The goobers are really up in arms.  Lots of fun reading and there's more being posted every minute.

Updated with a few more gems:

What about BENGHAZI?
Fuck you boehner. You and the other 500+ idiots up there in lala land are traitors to the people of this country.
Welcome to socialist states of America. Obama is dictator and the rest are spineless jellyfish.
F_cking Benedict Arnold --- you got played like a freakin' fiddle in the so-called 'fiscal cliff' non-negotiations --- I have an idea: How about you simply stop even pretending you give a damn about anyone but your Liberal masters, eh?
Could have helped a lot of those victims with the money that the kenyan spent flying back to Hawaii....again..That illegal hasn't done a lick of work since he took office in 2008.
I personally will never send monet to Sandy victuums after they voted for a socialist/tyrant
The bill the senate passed is loaded with pork. If they want money for hurricane Sandy that is only thing that should be in the bill. The senate can't pass a budget so they pack spending bills like this relief full of pork because people will bitch if they don't goverment money.They chose to live where there could be hurricanes. Didn't the people involved have insurance. WHAT HAPPEND TO PERSONAL RESPOSABLITY.
1,300 comments now and only a few are from NY/NJ residents giving him hell.  Almost all are from unhappy goobers.
You are letting the democrat Christie dictate your agenda ? What happened to the 50 mil benefit concert money? You r both rinos
TAKE THE PORK OUT!!!!!!!! People in AZ shouldn't be paying for people who live in storm prone zones..
John Boehn-head, you are a gutless coward, and i hope and pray to God Almighty you get voted out of the speakership
Do you think Jellyfish John actually reads this Stuff?
If he did I think he'd be crying in his Vodka about now.
Guess this means you will fold like a cheap house of cards on Gun Control too.
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