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1. We know where we at:  many important, insightful articles, blog posts, columns on where PBO & Democrats screwed up,and where they won some victories.
2.  Strategically, there is a lot of concern pertaining how much leverage PBO has, if any; some argue persuasively they are (PBO & Democrats) in a better situation than we thought; some feel despair.
3.  At this point, this irrelevant.  We must move forward regarding how to influence the MSM narrative and organize progressives and the public to win the next "show down".  More-so, we need to set a precedent on how to go about reducing these different Austerity Crises in the future.

I have some suggestions pertaining to moving forward--under the fold.
(I would like to hear others opinions and comments.)  

We need less hand-wringing and more action.  (We still need to show our anger and disappointment with PBO and the Democrats.)

1.  We need to coordinate with all our liberal and progressive allies that we must be on point:  We need to speak about Jobs, Jobs, & Jobs.  This should be the central focal point, with the obvious point being:  Americans are suffering, people need jobs, and jobs increase revenue and lower deficits.

2. Other than Bernie Sanders, Tom Harkin, Alan Grayson (though happy he is back!), etc, we need to start calling our Senators and Representatives to start applying pressure to speak about Jobs in every national venue possible, aside from progressive outlets. (Obviously, they must speak about the bloated Pentagon, the waste in different industry subsidies, a tax transaction on trading, corporate deductibles and tax credits, etc., in comparison to harming people that shouldn't be harmed.  A huge talking point should be the  complete inhumanity of how Republicans treat our Veterans.  (More War & Pentagon Spending!  Let Veterans Die!)

3.  While I am not sure the CPC will hold it ground, it's worth starting a Whip Count to get them on record that they won't cut SS, Medicaire, or Medicaid no matter what.  Chris Bowers and others have always done an excellent job on this score.  Maybe, just maybe, they will stand their ground.  (It would be nice to get a strong coalition in the Senate that would Fillibuster any cuts, too.)  Even if they don't stand their ground, we will start to garner the much needed Press to show the utter absurdity of the Very Serious People and the rot of The GOP.  The Villagers need to stop reveling in their self-made "Decifit/Debt Doomsday" narrative--and blaming both sides.  (Of course, I prefer if they stood their ground--that would be huge, but I won't hold my breath.)

4.  The different progressive organizations need to get together:  MoveOn, Daily Kos, Credo, PCCC, Campain for America's Future, AARP, Veterans Groups, Religous Organizations, DFA, etc., and coordinate an educational campaign on the streets and in the air.  There are so many ridiculous and outlandish statements and fallacies that are permeating the nation, that we must knock down.  The cognitive dissonance is causing people confusion--and headaches.  (Our adversaries goal!)  We need to do a good job selling our side.  Let's take some cues from past wins, and enlist Lakeoff and others, if need be.  

5.  What to do on the ground:  House parties, protests (sorry Markos), boycotts of different companies, visits to our Congressmen and woman, intelligent campaigns like Van Jones, etc.  We may need to enlist musicians that support us.  Again, I think a Whip Count would be significant.

6.  On the air:  We know how to do this:  we ran much more effective campaigns, with less money than the other side.  We need to get our best spokesman on the major media outlets asap.  Howard Dean, Harkin, Reid, Warren, different CPC members who are impressive with moving the narrative while Live. (I feel Durbin should get a lot of pressure, because he has a lot of sway with PBO and staff.)  Also, there are many more. . . just naming a few.  In Chris Bowers, we have one of the most effective campaign strategists.  

7.  Obviously, we need urgency, money, and a sense of fear to what the stakes are; we have to imagine Obama is Romney--very hard but not impossible--and they want to cut Grandma and Grandpa's Medicaire and Social Security, Veterans and the Disabled benefits.  Let's stop the 10th Dimensional Chess Playing, the Hand-Wringing, and treat PBO and other Democrats as unlikely allies--albeit the ones who deserve our support.

Constructive Comments and Criticisms are all welcome. . .
I know some of this may be "pie in the sky", but let's turn up the heat.

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