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Whooping cough (pertussis) vaccines wear off.  Especially the ones you had if you were born before the nineties.  If you were born in the 50s, yours has substantially worn off.  Contact your doctor and get a booster.  

Pertussis is making a comeback, and we're vulnerable.  You don't want to get it.  I was lucky; right when I got it I was on strong antibiotics for another problem, and I am recovering.  But Mr. escapee wasn't, and he's been sick since November 8th or 9th.  The coughing is agonizing and takes about 20 minutes out of every hour (I timed it).  Sleep?  Hah.  You're exhausted.  You have no sense of taste, or smell, or appetite.  Your face turns red and veins pop.  If you're really unlucky, you get pneumonia, or break ribs coughing, or vomit, or choke.  Or die.  (Not so far.)

Pertussis is fiercely contagious for the first couple of weeks.  Antibiotics reduce that to five days, and to some extent make you feel better, but the cough lasts for several months.  

Believe me, you don't want this.  Call your doctor and get a pertussis booster, or you may find yourself in a position to miss Thanksgiving and Christmas, feel and look awful, and find out how many things you usually do 'cause you can't do 'em.

This public safety announcement has been brought to you by escapee and Mr. escapee, who don't want anyone else to EVER get this.

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