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I'll be honest, I've never taken the time to consider what it's really like to starve. Let's take a minute out of day and think about starving.

I'm not talking about skipping lunch hungry. Starving. See your ribs starving. I've never really experienced that. Have you?

Think about it.
I had one year in my 20s when I was saving every single penny to start a business. My business partner (who is a diarest here) and I were almost dead broke. There were a few days where we were scrambling to buy food to make a few sandwiches. I remember that feeling. It was awful. We were REALLY hungry! But, we weren't starving.
Take a moment, think about this number 1 BILLLLLLION.
Just the other day my kid said "Dad! I'm starving". I stared at him in amazement. "You're not starving! You don't have the faintest idea what starving means!" He wasn't starving. He's never experienced starving and I will be damned sure he never will.
It's 2012 and a BILLLLLION of our neighbors are hungry. A billion.
I tried fasting a few years ago. Health problems. I thought it might help to clean my system out with the lemonade diet. The first few days were tough! Was I starving? HELL NO! I drank water with a bunch of lemons and maple syrup. It was a wierd feeling to not eat for 7 days then to take a single bite of an apple. What a delicious apple! I wasn't starving I've never really experienced it.
We can make more food. Humans are good at making food!
Oh! I came really close to feeling what starving is. My brother and I were hiking the Appalachian Trial. We had one leg that we miscalculated the distance we had to walk and ran out of food. We woke up alone in the middle of the woods without an ounce of food and 20 miles to walk. Hours into our day we walked past some trail workers who asked if we were ok, we told them we were out of food and they dumped a pile of left over granola bars, sandwiches, candy bars on us. It was heavenly. But... we really weren't starving.
I've never experienced starving. I never ever ever ever want to.
According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization all it takes is $30 Billion dollars a year? WHAT THE FUCK?

We burn $700 Billion a year on the Department of Defense and all it takes is $30 Billion to feed EVERY STARVING HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET? What are we doing?!

Let's buy a few less bombs this year and buy some food instead.

Please, sign my petition to the White House.

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