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I'm sorry to be posting this as a Diary; the only Open Thread I see here is the Night Owl one, and I'm pretty sure that no one would see my question if I posted there.

I've been a member since 2005, and within the last year or two I became a Trusted User with a Mojo of 4 bars (at least that's what it was the last time I happened to see it). Anyhow, today I went into my profile to check some things out, and suddenly realized that my Mojo has changed to 2 bars, and I've lost TU status.

I haven't gotten hide-rated ever, and though I know I don't post too often these days, I DO recommend comments and Diaries as needed, and post here and there when I feel I have a contribution to make. Do people just lose TU status and Mojo bars at some point when they aren't considered "active" enough? Which would actually be funny in my case because I'm logged in and reading and recommending and following my favorite Authors on an almost continuous basis (since the end of August especially, since I "retired" from my full-time job as the Dem Election Clerk in my local Board of Elections).

Anyhow, I guess I just wonder if this has happened to anyone else, and if my low-key participation here has caused me to finally lose my TU status and Mojo bars...If so, I'm pretty sad about it, because I really took my TU status seriously and tried so hard to be a responsible member of Daily Kos. Curiously, it was one of my badges of honor in an otherwise unremarkable life ;)

Thanks to anyone who has some kind of insight into this for me, so I can figure out how to get my Mojo back :)

Edit: BOY! You guys are GOOD!!!

Thank you to everyone for their helpful comments and generosity, so that I'm back in the game here ;)

Originally posted to DianeNYS on Fri Jan 11, 2013 at 07:41 AM PST.

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