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Folks, the upcoming government shutdown and constitutional crisis are not the same as previous ones.  This is just another step in a carefully-designed agenda, much of it paid for by an increasingly fascistic group of billionaires.

Right now much of the city and state governments across the country have been totally infiltrated by ALEC-like groups, who have been able to pass a host of laws privatizing all kinds of government functions, including the many aspects of the justice system, traffic toll collection, prisons, and many others.

These people have been getting ready for this for many years, carefully plotting and planning their moves.

They have even carefully cultivated their support among the population, in the form of their "useful idiots," including religious fundamentalist nut-jobs, gun-crazed fanatics, and ultra-nationalist racists and ethnocentric.

Here's the scenario you should start to think about as an actual possibility: The Republican thugs will hold their ground.  When time comes for voting on the debt ceiling, they will force a head-on confrontation.  At this point, the President will either cave (as he usually does), or if he breaks the habit and stick to not his principles of not gutting the social safety net, then the Republican thugs will force a default and a government shut down, which is their preference.

Once this happens, the financial markets go into a tailspin, and chaos ensues.  At that point the government screeches to a halt, having been rendered impotent.

In the middle of this chaos, it is possible that local municipalities, cities, and state may tap into the system and infrastructure that has been put in place via influence peddling, the result of business interests having bought off local government officials.

As the social safety net is disrupted, crimes skyrockets, and the private prison industry and surveillance infrastructure springs into action.

This gives an excuse to the gun-nuts who have build-up private armories across the country to become more organized, and active.  It also brings to the forth the nut-jobs crazed end-of-days Army of God types.

Remember, these people have been carefully primed fro this moment... Again, the "useful idiots" of the Plutocrats.

By the time the dust settles, and the Democratic party establishment gives in, and the government comes back "online" we would live in a much different world: A nascent fascist Corporatocracy Police State.

If this ends up happening in this fashion, then everything the Republican thugs are doing makes sense.  If you want some proof of this, keep in mind that a lot of this agenda is being currently financed by ALEC and fascist billionaires like the Koch Brothers.

This is just more of "Shock Doctrine" stuff; it never goes away.  The problem is how these dangers are so present, but somehow people on the Left fail to understand the true nature of the threat.  They can't fathom how truly evil these people are, and what they are capable of.


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  •  That's one scenario ... (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    cassandracarolina, Ray Pensador

    Quite a bleak one but that seems to be the trajectory we've been on.  

    •  When I write about this stuff what I'm (7+ / 0-)

      attempting to do is to warn people about the intention of these radical right-wing forces.  Can our society, our government, our institutions withstand the onslaught of constant attack against democracy?  I don't know.  I would hope so.  But these people (ALEC, RW Billionaires, et al) are very dangerous and represent a clear and present danger to the Republic.

      •  Or have they already lost our republic? (4+ / 0-)

        Chris Hedges thinks they have.

        The dean of American political philosophers thinks they have already lost. He predicted in 2006 the election victory of the Republicans in the 2010 election (even if the democrats pulled off a big win in 2008) because after the win in 2006 in the house the dems stood on their hands and the forces of corporations, military, etc were too strong.

        This is in "Democracy Inc., Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism" by Sheldon Wolin

        Also Morris Berman in his trilogy by 2006 predicted that the American empire was finished and there was no way to stop the decline. He pointed out that on the way down, people elect leaders who hasten the decline. That was sure true for Bush in 2004, but I had hope that it would not be the case for Obama. I was wrong.

      •  What we're seeing in the House is a battle (3+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        ranton, Ray Pensador, Don midwest

        between the corporate dominionists (Koch's, de Vos's, Petersons', Simmons', texas oil billionaires) and the financial house billionaires.  The financial house billionaires desperately don't want a default but Boehner has said he has to give the Kochsuckers the default they want, at least for a little while.  
        These people are insane and what we need is a few doctors to attest to that and have them put away.  It only takes a few dedicated sociopaths to overthrow a democracy.
        They need to be identified as sociopaths. Loudly and w/conviction.  

  •  yep -chris hedges calls says corporate coup d'etat (5+ / 0-)

    article from the Economist

  •  Come down off the ledge. They cannot win. (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Ray Pensador, theboz, kaliope

    A number of people have the same uneasy feeling about
    the Republican party fronting for a few with privileges.  Other people have noticed that the Republican party makes no attempt to hide who they support instead of their constituents.  Their policies are indefensible.  When rational people try to calculate what they hope to achieve with their proposals, it's easy to conclude they're up to no good.

    It's interesting that there are people on the Republican side of things who imagine a near future like the one you described.  I call this a psychosis.  It can be 'contagious' in the sense that public behavior becomes acceptable just by its display.  It rises and recedes and lately it seems to be in one of its acute and intensified phases.  

    There's a difference between those on the right suffering from psychosis and others trying to understand and anticipate the right's objectives.  Those on the right are using cognitive distortion, illogic, and demonization.   For their fantasies to work, people on the right have to believe that a majority of Americans are going to duplicate behaviors that happened in another country long ago.  It's kind of insulting that they could think that.

    I travel all over the US for work.  I hang out in all sorts of places and mingle with plenty of people.  Americans are not going to permit anything like what you describe.  The writing on that went on the wall last November 6.   Even before that I told a few people that the right would be convulsing around now.  They are and it isn't over.   I get no satisfaction from it because it isn't pretty.  

    The US is like a giant public swimming pool.  Republicans are people who piss and shit in it.  They let sewage in too.  You have to take some precautions if you decide to get in.  A good hosing off when you get out doesn't hurt either.

    "Democracy is a life; and involves continual struggle." ---'Fighting Bob' LaFollette

    by leftreborn on Mon Jan 14, 2013 at 01:31:17 PM PST

    •  you have not noticed that they already won (5+ / 0-)

      others have put up lists of topics left out of the last campaign

      here are a few

      the environment collapse which will end civilization

      the criminal behavior of banksters

      the assault on our rights and spying on all of us

      the wars that continue to crop up and lead to more wars

      serious talk about employment which requires government stimulus, not austerity

      social security

      education - why is there a war on teachers? a sick society. Even Texas is backing away from testing. Obama's ed scty who he plays basket ball with, is out to push more testing

    •  That is a pretty reasonable counterargument. (5+ / 0-)

      I hope you're right; I'm not too invested in "my own psychosis."  I'm trying to interpret events and when I look at the totality of what's going on (within my capabilities, of course) I come to these type of conclusions.

      I see the privatization of government functions, what ALEC is doing, how the fascist billionaires are funding their agenda, the think tanks the support, the total control of the media, etc., and see these patterns.

      But, I acknowledge this stuff is really complicated and maybe I'm missing something and because of it my conclusions may not be accurate; I hope so.

      •  Have changed how I say things to avoid HR (3+ / 0-)

        I am an educator.

        I hold out hope in educating the public.

        Here is something I posted before here and I am doing again. If DK could take up issues that held both parties feet to the fire, that would, in my opinion, get closer to the issues.

        Here is what I wrote before:

        A useful book efforts to transform politics

        Something really big, even more than escapists TV, has been behind the deception of politics and economics in America. This may seem arcane, but it is an important issue that frames our reality.

        To understand our politics and economics, one has to understand the fraud in government statistics.

        It took years of pains taking work to produce a book, mentioned below, that enables a general reader to understand the economic system; it is a book on political economics. Its strength and uniqueness is through the use of government statistics to provide the data for the policy argument. It is the first time that I have understood the economy. The slightly technical material is covered in the insightful Appendix. The book agent said that it is the best book she has read in 35 years.

        My hunch is that if citizens knew what is in this book, they could actually understand enough of the economy and government policies to be enraged that the 1% and the corporations have taken over the government. This requires a citizen uprising strong enough to stand up to the power elite. Since both parties have rigged the numbers, it would be hard for some organizations, say labor unions, to endorse a book like this because they have to keep their place at the table with the Democratic Party.

        I have a dream about the book being used in a wide spread grass roots educational effort. As the author points out, democracy is about power, not freedom.

        In the words of the author:

        "Americans have been kept in the dark about the real state of the economy. The government has rigged its economic statistics to hide declining wages, high unemployment, high inflation, and near zero GDP growth. By making loans cheap during the Clinton and Bush presidencies, Americans were able to borrow to keep their heads above water. The era of easy credit ended with the financial collapse of 2008. Since then, Americans have discovered how bad things have really become.
        How could our leaders let this happen? They did so knowingly, but for what they believed was a greater purpose. Since Truman, presidents have sacrificed our economy first to win the Cold War and then, after the fall of the Soviet Union, to prop up a military empire. Our presidents have slept peacefully as Americans suffered, for they believed they acted for a higher purpose.
        The solution for this mess is not radical. It is a return to policies that worked in the past. By reviving the 1944 tax code, and bringing back the protectionist trade policies that made our workers the highest paid in the world, we can return to prosperity."
        Just by itself, this seems like a pipe dream. But it is related to a return to a tax policy that does not allow the small percent of the world's 1% to hide 23 trillion dollars in offshore accounts.

        The author has a background in the classics which includes a translation of Plato, and was chair of a government department for a couple of decades and wrote about political theory. He wrote the first history of the Hmong tribes and has a contract from University of California press to write a book on John Steward Mill. He draws on the historical tradition coupled with exposing the scientific veiled justifications of the avoidance of authentic politics which is seen in technical fields of economics and politics. It is a book about political economics.
        “Worse than You Think: The Real Economy Hidden Beneath Washington’s Rigged Statistics, And Where To Go From Here”, by Keith Quincy. Available and Barnes and Nobel for a little over $15. e version 99 cents because the author wants to get the message out.

        •  Um. It's John Stuart Mill, not Steward. (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          Don midwest

          Truly not being picky - it goes to your credibility.

        •  Don - I'm happy to hear that you are talking about (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          Ray Pensador

          educating the public.   The earlier comment you wrote upthread sounded more pessimistic than that.   The public has been misinformed (or saturated with sewage as I like to say.)  You omitted something important from your list of indications that things are going in the wrong direction.  The popular media is complicit in delivering lies to the public. All the more reason for education.  

          I don't think we disagree on anything except I don't think anyone won, I don't think it's over,  I don't think we've gone that far yet.   To me it seems more like the economic meltdown was the beginning of an awakening that almost came too late.  There are still people who are only waking up now.  

          The oligarchs know that what they wanted was just out of reach and I expected a frenzy from them after the election.  They won't have the culmination they wanted after 32 years of con jobbing.  The seesaw will tilt back to the people but it is a long and protracted struggle.

          Never give up.

          "Democracy is a life; and involves continual struggle." ---'Fighting Bob' LaFollette

          by leftreborn on Mon Jan 14, 2013 at 03:40:56 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

      •  I'm seeing private security firm markets, myself, (0+ / 0-)

        given the fear peddling gun culture zeitgeist.

        How scary is that?

        Democracy - 1 person 1 vote. Free Markets - More dollars more power.

        by k9disc on Mon Jan 14, 2013 at 02:12:20 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

      •  Don't misunderstand, Pensador. (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Ray Pensador

        All I am saying is something I get from my French background.

        Ayez Courage!

        It sounds dumb in English (Have courage.) The verb tense translates better as "Be Brave," but that doesn't sound right either.  When I hear "Ayez courage" I think of soldiers going into battle.   It doesn't sound it in English, but in French it's a reinforcement.

        "Democracy is a life; and involves continual struggle." ---'Fighting Bob' LaFollette

        by leftreborn on Mon Jan 14, 2013 at 03:49:21 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

  •  Can Democracy survive? (4+ / 0-)

    Not unless those on the left stop using an election strategy that empowers those on the right.

    The left ahs lost their way for 40 years. If they don't find it soon, we're all screwed.

    "The future of man is not one billion of us fighting over limited resources on a soon-to-be dead planet. . .I won't go back into the cave for anyone."

    by Whimsical on Mon Jan 14, 2013 at 01:46:45 PM PST

    •  ACORN - a canary in the coal mine (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Ray Pensador, glitterscale

      the dems folded when ACORN was attacked

      excellent book on ACORN which will be an activist handbook for years to come is by John Atlas "Seeds of Change: The Story of ACORN, America's Most Controversial Antipoverty Community Organizing Group

      One of the things I didn't realize that dems walked away from poverty by 1980

  •  Thanks, Ray (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Ray Pensador

    for the Hedges link.

    Tell me a story of deep delight. - Robert Penn Warren

    by bisleybum on Mon Jan 14, 2013 at 02:38:00 PM PST

  •  Quote from Hedges (3+ / 0-)
    don’t think it’s a conspiracy. I think it’s subservience to the dictates of the marketplace. This subservience has ramifications which people are not aware of. Oil companies don’t think about global warming, they’re focused on making as much money as they can. Look at the destruction of the western plains; they weren’t thinking about the future extinction of the buffalo. It’s not a conspiracy theory but it’s a strange kind of myopia. You destroy the Appalachians to get the coal—blow the tops off the mountains, poison the water, turn it into a wasteland—so people in car parks and business towers can leave their lights on all night. Corporate forces are willing to sacrifice all of us, even the planet.
    In the end, it doesn't make a difference. We still lose. We lose our livelihoods, our ecology, our security and our sense of self.

    American Television is a vast sea of stupid. -xxdr zombiexx

    by glitterscale on Mon Jan 14, 2013 at 03:12:01 PM PST

  •  possibly, but then again (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Ray Pensador, Don midwest, ranton

    the more sober Wall Street folks don't tend to like this type of roller-coaster as it wreaks havoc with the financial markets. So there's a split between the old-style financial Republicans, and the new-style hostage-takers. The markets were somewhat shaken by the credit downgrade the last time around, and a second one would not go down well.

    The government shut-down in 1994 did not have these drastic effects. Mainly it increased government costs, interest on payments, starting back up, all sorts of administrative expenses. That may be why Newt himself is saying "don't go there" -- it's a lot of melodrama that doesn't accomplish much.

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