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Orly Taitz and other birthers have filed at least 200 lawsuits challenging President Obama's eligibility to serve as president. Orly Taitz has been the worst offender, routinely expanding her lawsuits to drag in an increasing number of government officials and routinely encouraging harassment of innocent government employees. Birthers use their frivolous actions as a fundraising tool, soliciting donations to pay for their costs and pad their pockets. Taitz lives in a multimillion dollar home, owns fancy cars, and admitted during her senate run that her retirement account was worth more than $200,000.

 So now it is time for payback -- literally. We taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for frivolous lawsuits she and other birthers have promised to continue filing until Obama is out of office.

Please sign this petition requesting that government attorneys request reimbursement of court costs and legal fees for all frivolous birther lawsuits:

Please recommend this diary to help get the required 25,000 signatures. For the text of the petition, follow me over the squiggle.

Taitz recently filed a White House petition calling for the president to resign and repeated her unsubstantiated, laughable claims about forged social security numbers and ID's. The petition was removed because it included the president's social security number, as this unethical "attorney" has been admonished for doing in multiple court filings. Birthers have promised to continue refiling the petition, because futilely doing the same thing over and over is their modus operandi.

You may be thinking these cases are no big deal because the public by and large considers the birthers to be ludicrous, with Taitz the biggest joke of all, but they are diverting time away from more serious cases and adding to a backlog of cases assigned to short-staffed judges. In California, Judge England was recently forced to delay a hearing on human trafficking to hear an "emergency" petition by Taitz.

The only way to stop birthers from wasting the court's time is to hit them in the pocketbook. Please sign this petition:

Mandate the AG to seek sanctions, costs, and attorneys' fees to recover taxpayer funds used to defend birther lawsuits.

Hundreds of repetitious and frivolous lawsuits have been filed challenging President Obama's status as a natural born citizen. These lawsuits have clogged up the courts and cost the taxpayers millions of dollars in court costs and attorneys' fees.

We, the taxpayers, respectfully petition for an Executive Order or directive to the Attorney General to seek to recover taxpayer funds expended in defending frivolous Birther lawsuits by requesting sanctions, costs, and attorneys' fees in each and every pending or future case.

In case you need more justification, Taitz has committed a number of  unethical actions, including asking supporters to harass the families of those who died in Benghazi and the parents of an infant with the last name of Obama who died. She has accused republican- and democratic-appointed judges of treason for not finding in her favor and threatened judges assigned to her cases with treason -- punishable by execution -- if they do not find in her favor. She has outright lied in court, most recently at a January 3 hearing in which she swore to the judge she had served the president and then filed proof of service dated January 4. She has published the names of electors and court administrators on her blog and demanded her supporters harass these people. She has filed frivolous bar complaints with false accusations against government attorneys representing her opponents.

Frankly, Taitz and those engaged in her money raising scheme of filing frivolous birther lawsuits should have to pay. Unfortunately, most judges and attorneys just try to disentangle themselves as quickly as possible, without considering the cumulative effect of the birthers' harassment.

If you can find two minutes to sign this petition, I would be grateful. And if you would not mind recommending this post to keep it visible for a bit, I would also appreciate it.

I realize many more important petitions have been filed by Kossacks, many of which I have signed, and I encourage you to support our fellow progressives in their wonderful efforts to bring about the change we were promised and the country deserves.

Tue Jan 15, 2013 at  4:29 AM PT: The petition needs 70 more signatures to be searchable. We can do it! For inspiration, here is an example of the seditious comments about the president Orly personally approves for posting on her site (not posting link to her malware infested site):

Doug Anderson

January 14th, 2013 @ 7:39 pm

Your right, the low life scum of the toilet bowl did remove your petitions. I know orly that you are an officer of the courts and you can’t advocate violence. I’m all for that but at this point in time that when they blatantly ignore every request that we the people are being denied that request. What other options do we have. I’m a US Veteran of the army and out motto says “This we’ll defend”. If it ever came down to this I cannot fathom the amount of chaos, mayhem and deaths that will occur all while these poli’s get there protection while we have nothing. this will be a war of biblical proportions. The only thing I can do right now is offer the lords prayer and I’m not a religious person but it’s all I have at this point. I at this point am going to ask for forgiveness from the lord for whom I have to take out who threatens my life!! It’s the only thing I’m asking for if this justice system fails to hear us. There will be mayhem if he’s gonna do what I’m thinking he’s gonna do!! I can also pray to that someone will take him out for the sake of saving thousands possibly millions of people and that will be shuffled under the rug where it rightfully deserves to stay.
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