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Seriously! Quotes to follow.

Comment by Ray Mason 12 hours ago

    I have thought for a long time that Colin Powell has the same credentials as Obama.  He was popular once and even had a chance to run for president but backed out and became silent for a long time, (that was before BHO).   I have suspected for a long time that Powell is not a real American, probably would fail the birth certificate test and has been a fraud all along.  He climbed the ladder on the equal rights steps or else he would be just another black guy that nobody knows.  I can't find where he has ever been anything but an Air Force general, not to cut those guys short but I was in the military about the same time and back then if you were black you got kicked to the front of the line.  Ray

Comment by Genevieve J. Douma 15 hours ago

    Hate to sound racist but it's the same old story,people like Powell are takers and users and as soon as the gravy days are over their "TRUE COLORS" come out.

Comment by Mary Ellen Pawlowicz 3 hours ago

    Colin Powell has a long-standing association with Louis Farakhan.  They are both from Jamaican descent and share similar views.  Farakhan is out there now trying to instigate a race war and I don't doubt which side Colin Powell would be on.

Comment by Jo Gonzalez 18 hours ago

    This man sure liked it when a White President gave him the chance of a Lifetime, but George W. discovered pretty soon what he was about, down deep, and outted him.  Ungrateful bastard, slimy two faced, taking everything the Evil Whities could give him, filling his sack, then turning on us. He is another one who is promoting hate.

Comment by ANDREW SCHRAG 19 hours ago



Comment by Frank Garvin 21 hours ago

    Colin Powell is a disgusting pig...he's immersed himself in the same sewage as Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Harry Bellefonte and Jamie Foxx.

Comment by JEAN MACALLISTER yesterday

    Sadly, Colin Powell sees only Obama's skin color.   He will not see or hear anything that detracts from Obama.

Comment by Lawrence Brown yesterday

    Powell is just another black who hates the USA. He used the system over the years and now he is showing his true identity. Traitor and liberal communist sympathizer.

Comment by Michael J. Larkin yesterday

    An affirmative action General supports an affirmative action President...I wonder what his IQ is??? Race trumps everything...he could be another marxist dictator if given a chance..maybe he's wanting to command Obama's civilian army..."as large and well funded as our military"...don't laugh, it happened in Zimbabwe!

Comment by Ron Boyer yesterday

    Powell is a member of the most racist group of people on this planet and it is time for everyone to wake up and get off of the politically correct band wagon. He is and will be what he has always been only now his military career is not on the line so he can show his true color[BLACK].

Comment by Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. yesterday

    LOL, It takes a long time for some people to see the truth!

    A BLACK MAN WHO GRADUATED FROM A JUNIOR COLLEGE BECOMES THE HIGHEST RANKING ARMY OFFICER!  Yes I know he attended some military schools after his formal education.  BUT NOT WEST POINT!


    What did you expect for a guy who gained every promotion due to his skin color?


Comment by Robert Camp yesterday

    Colin Powell was an affirmative action general he didn't get to become a general because he earned it.

So let me summarize to you the entirety of the previous quotes. Colin Powell got to his position as a four star general because he was black and was assisted by Affirmative Action. Otherwise he had no chance of attaining that title. He's black, which means he's a member of the most racist ethnic group on the planet. He would like to ally with Barack Obama as the head of the civilian army, just like what happened in Zimbabwe, because he's "just another black" that hates the Untied States, is a traitor and should be locked up in stocks. He's part of the black "takers", not the real makers of America. Also, he and Louis Farrakhan both come from Jamaica, so Powell's going to jump on the side of the race war that Farrakhan instigates.

Yeah so, from this narrative, there's nothing racist about the Tea Party.

Originally posted to DAISHI on Tue Jan 15, 2013 at 05:12 PM PST.

Also republished by RaceGender DiscrimiNATION.

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