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In the murky waters of the gun control debate its been a busy old few days at the Bottom Of The Barrel, where some of life's' less attractive examples of walking talking monkey have been busy scraping away at the silt and wood down there. To these Brit eyes they each exemplify, to borrow a phrase, why you cant have nice things in the USA.

Sit back, strap in, and lets fish some of the scumguzzlers out

I mean at what point to the normal, decent and responsible majority of NRA members - the ones who fully support sane gun controls - rebel against the board of assclowns and death industry shills that are running the NRA and scream ENOUGH! ? At what point will these members get sick of Wayne LaPierre and Norquist and all the other despicable lying spin doctor rats at the head table, of how they make them look bad, and how they drag a once respectable organization into the mud?

The ad the NRA just released screeching and whining about how the POTUS, then the second that threw in "teh Elytes" as well, have to have protection for their kids in school while not agreeing that turning YOUR kids school into a bad day in Tel Aviv with armed guards is just so stupid, idiotic, deceptive, hateful and despicable that even that ranting GOPer Mornin Joe on MSNBC thought it was a giant leap too far into scum land. Really Wayne? You can't see why the POTUS' kids need protection?

Facepalm so hard my head nearly came off.

As in Limbaugh, not the amazing rock band. Rush, always a reliable and steady resident at the bottom of any murky pond, today excelled himself and compared the school kids that accompanied the POTUS to his signing session to "human shields". Here is a tip Rush about just how stupid that sounds.....try hiding your fat ass behind a three and a half foot tall kid.

Then just to kick the already dead donkey into a Malkinesque hamburger like pile of mashup meat for his despicable audience he did his usual bully boy impersonation routine .... of scared kids crying in fear at the thought they may be the next spree shooter's targets de jour.

Well f*ck my old boots. Astounding. So utterly despicable it redefines the genre of hate radio. Rush isn't scraping the bottom of the barrel, he has scraped all the way through and is burrowing like some corpulent cancerous maggot through the soil and rock below. So f*cking low is he I'm surprised that when James Cameron did his dive to the deepest abyssal reaches of the Marianas Trench he didn't find Rush grubbing in the muck at the bottom.

To use a Hitch Slap I love, if you stuck a firehose up Rush's fat ass and gave him the mother of all enemas, you could bury what was left in a matchbox.

At what point is someone gonna shut this fat hateful git up?

In the USA it is as reliable as the sun coming up that after every tragedy these utterly despicable paranoid delusional skinwastes crawl from under their rocks, hit the keyboards, blogs and YouTube and start screaming "False Flag!" And no surprise they are busy at it again.

I mean, I have come to expect it from that terminally stupid carnival barker Alex Jones and his Infowars tw*tfest fanbase, but hell, now even some spammy faced so called Professor of communications and media at some University in Florida is jumping in. In the UK let me assure you my chums that this hateful tosspot would within a day or so be suspended for bringing the uni into disrepute and causing mass public outcries. It isnt that we dont have free speech or that we dont have academic freedom - its just we Brits tend to be more decent and less tolerant of tinfoil hat scumballs like this idiot.
After his dismissal, which in the UK would be alomst certain, his next job would surely involve a lot of repeating "do you want fries with that sir?". In the US? Nah....nada, nothing, nowt.

If there are any students of his reading this, ask him just what a despicable asshat he is,over and over and over and over. Then get a petition together, petition the Uni, and get the scumball sacked. He is a bloody disgrace. And he appears on Jones guess how stupid that makes your Uni look.

So my chums, who do you think has plumbed the deepest of depths?

My vote is the Truthers. I could kick them in the balls night and day till my feet wore down to stubs and still not get bored or think they had had enough.

Over to you.

Originally posted to Dave The Sandman on Thu Jan 17, 2013 at 05:29 AM PST.

Also republished by Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA).


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