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Coffin with american flag draped over it.
Their neanderthal America really DID kick the can, and good riddance.
They were so sure that Barry Soeto Obummer and the Democrats would be firmly rejected by the American people.

Plenty of that.


Wouldn't you be drepressed if you were a conservative looking at census trends? Best to circle back to "denial".

Teabaggers are starting to realize that they've gone from trashing the GOP brand, to trashing the Tea Party brand. Maybe they'll have more luck with "Freedom Grifters"?

Rince, lather, repeat.

This week's goods, below the fold.

Update: Poll didn't post because of a software glitch. Sorry about that. Better late than never?

death of America?

Are you trying to destroy America, you traitorous scumbag? Your precious Obama regime will be in power for four years to come and that's plenty of time for him to complete his plasn to destroy this country.

He has already turned American healthcare into soviet healthcare where every pill and surgery must be approved by bureucrats.

He has hiked taxes to skyhigh levels. He has ruined our economy.

He and his fellow traitorcrats are trying to put in place the "fairness doctrine" which would force Fox news to start airing liberal propaganda while letting MSNBC continue to be a motuhpiece for the Obama regime with no restrictiosn. Goodbye to the first amendment.

He has built a mosque on Ground Zero so his muslim pals can celebrate the murders of Americans in the very same place where they commited the murders in the first place.

Then he nominated the anti-semitic, anti-Israel, pro-Iran communist Chuck Hagel for the position of the Secretary of Defense. This would be funny if it wasn't so sad. Hagel hates our country even more than Obama and he would gladly order every soldier to shoot themselves if he could.

And now Barack Stalin has declared war on the Constitution with his evil plan to disarm law abiding Americans. His plan to take our Constitutionally protected guns is of course completely illegal but that doesn't matter since laws don't apply to traitorcrats.

Our country is dying and turning into a third-world stalinist dictatoship. So basically you got your wish. But I will rather go to one of your prison camps than be a part of the "Soviet States of America". And 50 years from now "Markos Moulitsas" will used like "Benedict Arnold" today.

So many words, and not even a single accidental truth?
web Site

This rag is no more than a Rag trash filling the minds of people who need to be milk fed to go about their daily life .Onesided HORSESHIT.

There are two sides to every horseshit.
Markos moulitsas conservative HERO!!!

LEt me tell you a problem: Obama is pretty smart and he doesn't hate America unlike most democrats. This makes it hard to get people vote for republican even though other democrats beside Obama are complete scum. This is where you come in. you see, every single person who I can get to read your site becomes a conservative republican.

Your site is full of whining and anti-american propaganda written by rich, priviliged pampered, trust fund kids who think its cool to be a socialist because they saw a picture of che guevara somewhere. and you also have whiny "feminist" bimbos bitching about how its horrible opression of women when they only get 60% of all money and automatic custody in case of divorce. And then there are the mexinazis demanding we return california to them or make it legal for every mexican to move to america and live off welfare checks. And of course you have the screaming faggot activists who want to turn marriage into some weird anal sex festival or make it legal to molest little boys. and then then you have rich govt "workers" and even richer college professors demandind that we hike taxes on those who actually work for a living.

So thank you very much dear mr. Moulistsas for running the most disgusting and whiny freakshow the world has ever seen! You are the best recruiting tool conservaitves have! Love ya!

Daily Kos sounds like a fantastic read!

The Daily Kos is worthy of the hatred of all freedom-loving Americans. It is a real piece of shit.

Freedom to love? Freedom to access to quality health care? Freedom to organize? Freedom to breathe clean air? Or just freedom to enable the mass murder of children?

Thanks for the trash. I'll put it on the curb for pickup in the morning. Clever Dunderheads (Or not so clever) reside within. Smell the Roses.

You're going to put your computer on the curb? Clever!
"Show Down" time

The time has come for the Daily Kos to decide

which side it is on.

Them or Us ?

If you are on the side of beleaguered Americans,

fighting for our very way of life, then you must reinstate me as an American voice.

It is time. edscan

So are the beleaguered Americans them, or us?

Just visited your site. It is hard to believe that, in this day and age, such naivete exists. Permit yourselves to question your positions occasionally and at least consider other opinions.Your articles come off as if they were authored by those students in journalism 101 that discovered that one could get by by groveling before some politically correct (but tenured) "professor". The factual underpinning of your approach exists only in academia. Try welcoming yourselves to the real world.

  R delavergne

"Facts in academia aren't facts in the real world" is not a factual supposition, either in academia or the real world. And that's a fact!

This week's hate mail is

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