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I'm probably the worst poster and writer of all time. And a super lurker. I just wanna get this off my chest. First off, i hate guns. My reason is probably different than yours. I think everyone who has a gun is compensating for something else. But this diary isn't about that. It's about myths of guns and video games that have them.

Background: I grew up in LA in the 80's. The gang wars. Rolling 20's Blood. I still throw up the gang sign from time to time. Neighborhood was right by USC. I was in a gang at that time but that's another story. I've seen what guns do to people. Hell, I had a gun back then. Well, a few guns. I was a little teenage gangster. I've done my share of time for it and seen the results on a daily basis. I've lost a lot of good friends from gun violence. Gang violence, but no one dies from an ass kicking. They all died from being shot. Basketball friends. Casual friends. Innocent bystanders. Dead by the dozens. By some chance I survived and became a member of society. Most of my friends did not from my childhood. Follow me....

I play very violent video games. You can take that as you wish. My favorite game is Battlefield. I played them all from 1942 to Battlefield 3. This is not a first person shooter game. It's a simulation. If you haven't played it it means it tries to be as real as possible to war unlike Call of Duty or other games, which are first person shooters. When I put it on surround sound, it sounds like a real war zone. Also, the weapons, gunfire, bombs blasting sound very real. Very real. The house shakes from mortar fire. I don't play like this late at night because it will wake up my daughter. We sing on Rock Band to make noise. War, she hates. Anyways, I'm reading all this BS from people that think things like the AR-15 isn't an assault rifle or you need a gun for self defense or some shit like that these are defensive weapons for when some bad guy comes for you. BULLSHIT. If I came for you with any gun, there isn't shit you can do. I own the situation, not you. Stop smoking the NRA crack pipe. If you pull out a gun, you die. End of story. Your best option, as everyone knows, is to call for help. Or chill and let it happen.

If you and I are playing Battlefield 3 and I want to kill your ass. I don't use the automatic weapons. I use a semi or one shot weapon. It's fucking far more accurate. Any person who has every shot a real or fake gun knows the first shots are the most accurate than the rest and spraying bullets everywhere is just going to get you killed. Automatic, semiautomatic. Fucking nonsense. It's all the same thing. Except that semi or 3 shot is FAR more accurate than an automatic machine gun. Hell, I never use automatic guns unless I have to level them and be gone with them. I purposely turn off the automatic of rifles in this game to be more accurate. I do far more damage when the auto is off. One pull of the trigger, one death. Saves ammo, kills more people. Everyone know playing Battlefield 3 is that when you are RELOADING is when you get killed. I'd be far less effective with a 7 round clip than with a 30. This can't be disputed.

I'm fucking sick of NRA and gun nuts saying otherwise. Come to Battlefield 3. You use a 7 round clip, automatic if you like, I'll use a 30 round one shot gun. See who gets their ass kicked after 15 minutes. I'll own you. Just for the fact I don't have to reload as often as you do. I'll teabag your ass and beg you to try to shoot me again with your "automatic" weapon of choice.

In conclusion: You have to ban, which I would like, or limit these weapons. They are far to dangerous for anyone, even the "responsible" people. Which all these stories on Daily Kos show they aren't as responsible as they claim to be. Fuck your responsibility. I give you my finger all day long because you don't know shit about dying. You haven't seen you best friend on the street dead from a stray bullet. Fuck you. You haven't been shot yourself, which is when you start caring. Fuck all of you.

If you want to hunt then get a bow and arrow or spear like a real man. Until then. You are a fucking pussy in my book. Take that to the bank. Assholes.

Ex Gangster......

Originally posted to kdnla on Fri Jan 25, 2013 at 03:12 AM PST.

Also republished by Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA).


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