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I'll give them MTV. Not the old MTV, the one with music and videos. That one was awesome. But whatever the hell it is that exists today. I'm sure these people hated old MTV too, however. Madonna, you know?

This week's hate mail haul, including a double-dose of edscan (and something about black hats) below the fold!

your website

What a bunch of fucking losers follow you and your kike site

Think you won a biggie on Mov 6

Wait until the unemployment rate hits about 15% with all the layoffs coming due to Obamacare and the taxes to follow in 2013

The 47% Romney spoke about are all on this site

They don't even know the 7,000 millionaires you speak about take no income from their business,but take only investment income,and all the posters that posted about the subject show their ignorance and are as sharp as a dead ant

Given how biggie we won on Mov 6, I'd say someone else was the fucking losers.
are you shitting me?

There is a WAITING period before I can post? And just what the hell is that all about? You guys really take yourselves "super seriously" don't you. NO OTHER SITE HAS A WAITING PERIOD. You must be really special. I am pissed as hell because your stupid captcha words are so incredibly hard to read that twice in the past I've tried to get a fucking account on here and couldn't match the goddamn captcha words and every time that happens it erases the passwords so those, too, have to be re-entered over and over. You really have balls to ask so much from people just to be able to post a comment. My God. This time I spent 30 minutes and finally got it and you tell me there is a WAITING PERIOD? You people suck. fuck you. I just wanted to post one of your articles. You pretentious fucks. Really? You have to WAIT to post on here? Why? Because you check credentials or something? Idiots. Fuck you. Cancel my membership or whatever you call it. You're offensive.

Waiting period mission accomplished.
The "Conspiracy Theory"

Is now a conspiracy fact.

If you do not see the results of the conspiracy,

you are socially blind.

The "Middle Class" is America.

"They" are trying to destroy the "Middle Class".

When you ban voices like mine, you assist the

maggots that are nothing less than mature

flesh eating bacteria.

The defense rests.


I never knew maggots were flesh-eating bacteria with a senior discount card.
Are you the guys with the Black Hats?

I would still like to write my blogs under my own name,

Will that ever be possible? edscan

I thought the defense had rested? But to answer the question:
The band Men Without Hats logo -- a face of a man, wearing black hat, with a read slash.
Nigger-message from the nigger-president!!

Yo yo yo yo! This is the prez! I just wanna let ya all know that now we're takin the guns from the honkies! Then it's party time!! We can rape their women and steal their money! Shoot all the honkies you want, they can't do dick about it!! Selling crack is gonna be legal and so is murder! Kill all the honkies! BLACK POWER!!!!!

Wow, Obama wanted all those things, and Mitt Romney still couldn't get elected?
Tax-trough feeders

Tax-trough feeders like school teachers (who produce nothing -- the kids are all illiterate) now outnumber the tax contributors so there's no way the country will work.

Too many takers and not enough givers can only go downhill and you can see it happening.

In California corporations leave and take their tax-payers with them.

California is finished and the teacher's unions are largely to blame

California still has more Fortune 500 companies than any other state, so those teachers are going to have to try harder to scare off corporations.

This week's hate mail is

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