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My dear fellow Gun Nutters™.

If y’all ax me, we need ta totally protect our 2nd amendment (y’all know, tha one that says that our rite ta keep our arms beared at all times shall not be fringed pon), as otherwise we’ll all be crushed by tha teeranikal fedral guvmint.

And I believe even sum state, county, ‘n city guvmints done gotten a bit too big fer their own britches as well, ‘n so could use a bit a takin down a notch er two emselves, if'n ya know what I mean. (But jus so’s y'all know zackly where I stand on this here issue, neibahood blok ahsosheeayshuns are generally okay in ma book.)

And if'n a few innocent people are maimed ‘n er killed long the way as a result (okay, maybe more than jus a few, but heck, we lost count a long time ago), well that’s jus the price we must pay fer our Freedom™, or anyways represents a sizeable down payment. (Okay, I have ta admit that not everyone pays, but I’m sure y’all git my drift here.)

And as ever God™ fearin, red, white, ’n blue blooded true Murrican™ knows, Freedom™ ain’t nevah bin free no how anyways!

I mean, jus take a look at yer soshiocommiepinko type countries like Britain, Australia, 'n Canada. They all have strict gun control laws 'n as a result all o’ those countries are now ruled by brutal military dictatorships…

Err…um…what I really mean ta say here taday is:

“Live Free or Die Hard”!

Anyways, them there's ma thoughts fer tha day.


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