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Mitt Romney was the champion of flip-flopping in 2012. But he only managed to do that over the course of a whole year, and he can claim that he merely changed his mind about what he would do if he were elected president, and that one is never sure about the future...

Ms Ping Fu is no doubt the champion of flip-flopping in 2013. What is amazing is that she changed her mind about what happened in the past. Will she claim that one is also never sure about the past?

Below is a compilation of Fu's own words against herself.

Please also read part I and part II of this series.

1. Ping Fu: Story of an Entrepreneur (part 1 of 5)


Fast forward 10 years, Cultural Revolution ended the year I was supposed to graduate from high school. I actually never went to school during the 10 years. I went to countryside planting rice fields.
Ping Fu: Clarifying the Facts in Bend, Not Break
After 1972, school resumed (p. 128). We had few formal classes at my school at the edge of Nanjing in an industrial area. I studied nonstop (pp. 229-231) and was known by my family as "the girl who never turns off her lights." (p. 231).
2. Tavis Smiley:  Entrepreneur Ping Fu

Watch Entrepreneur Ping Fu on PBS.


First two months were just chaos, with those bitter meals, struggle sessions, those screaming at nobody. And I think it was about a year later, I was assigned to work in a factory. Some of the older kids gets to send to the countryside. But I was too young to do that. So I went to the factory to build radios and speedometers.
Ping Fu: Clarifying the Facts in Bend, Not Break
I did not say or write that I was in a labor camp; I stated that I lived for 10 years in a university dormitory on the NUAA campus. Chinese children don't get put in labor camps. I also did not say I was a factory worker. I said Mao wanted us to study and learn from farmers, soldiers and workers.
3. Ping Fu: Story of an Entrepreneur (part 2 of 5)

Nowadays we know that during those times when I was in college, thirty million babies were killed. When I did the research, such a fact was not quite known by the press. When my research came out, the government and also lots of newspapers had not reported it. So they reported it. And that's the first time China admitted such a wide spread killings that existed. So the news immediately being covered by the international press, and steps by UN impose sanctions on China for human rights violation.
Ping Fu: Clarifying the Facts in Bend, Not Break
I remember reading an editorial in a newspaper in 1982 that called for gender equality. It was not a news article and not written by me, and I didn't know it had anything to do with my research (pp. 253-255). When writing the book, I did not name the paper, since I wasn't certain. However, I think that is where I read the editorial because it was the most popular and official newspaper. People who have not read my book made assumptions that I submitted the research to the newspaper, or I published the thesis, but that was not how I described it in the book.
4. Ping Fu: "Bend not Break", Authors at Google

I was lucky that Deng Xiaoping had asked, "What happened to the reporter?" And they said, "Well we throw her in jail." And he said, "Why? This is not Cultural Revolution any more." But he didn't give any instructions so nobody knew what to do with me. And I was let out, and then two weeks later I was given a passport and told to leave the country.
Jenna Goudreau: 'Bend, Not Break' Author Ping Fu Responds To Backlash
Late last night, Fu’s publicist emailed me that they “confirmed that Ping started school in 1978 and left school in the fall of 1982 after being held by the government. She arrived in the U.S. on January 14, 1984.” So she was at home for over year before the police asked her to leave China? “The government asked Ping to leave a couple of weeks after her release,” the publicist wrote me. “However, getting a passport was very difficult, if not impossible, at that time. Even though Ping was asked to leave China, she had to wait for an official passport to be issued.”
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  •  Fu provides framework, 'journalists' fill in blank (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    xgz, hailanzhiguang

    The reason Fu has been very successful so far at selling her stories, is that the reporters were such willing participants in making her stories. Now she can easily say that she never said this and that, and that it was the reporters who thought it was this and that, and wrote as such.

    That's why I think it may be futile to poke holes in her story, because she can always say that you weren't there so you can never prove what she said is true or not. That's why I think pitting Ping Fu against herself is the best way to expose the discrepancies, and also why I am surprised that this diary is the least commented on in your series.

    I think this diary should be expanded upon. Forget about the print media interviews. Her book, articles written by herself, and numerous audio and video should provide enough material. Her own words against her own words, stuff she can't shed off as others' misunderstanding unless she invokes her 'emotional memory'.  Even then that's fine. I would be interested to see how emotional or faulty her memory can be.

    Even small details shouldn't be glossed over. Like the 3 words (or phrases) she supposedly knew when she landed in the US. Why is that important? Because she works those into her story. For example she said she called out 'help' when she was locked in by the Vietnamese guy. If in every interview you clearly state you knew 3 words, then gave a list that's different every time, and then have a story for each word, are we to believe that it's your memory or that you are just emotional?

    Or getting sent down to the countryside for example. Here she's sent to the countryside to plant the rice paddies, there she was sent to the factory because she wasn't old enough.

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