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This will be a quick post, I just wanted to point out how the GOP shot themselves in the foot over tearing down Susan Rice.

Obstruction has backfired on them hard this time....

(I did not include links because I'm short for time, but may come back later and add them)

As soon as Susan Rice put her name in the hat for secretary of state, the GOP lunged at her.

They were so effective that she didn't even make it to hearings, she withdrew her name because everyone knew that her confirmation would be an uphill battle and she would probably not get the job, which would spend much of Obama's political capital.

Their agenda was to get Rice out of the picture and get John Kerry the job.

But why would the GOP want John Kerry?

Because that means that Kerry has to leave the Senate and a special off-year election has to be held, that's why.

Since off-year elections are more favorable to Republicans, all they have to do is run Scott Brown (MA's most famous Republican) and get a Senate seat.

The problem is that Scott Brown just recently announced that he's not running, which gives us a great shot of keeping the seat blue. No other MA Republican has the name rec or fundraising capability that Brown does. He is the only real hope of the GOP taking Kerry's seat. This dream of their's is now ruined.

But that's not all...

Susan Rice supported Keystone XL and I've read a few places that she even had investments in the project and would personally profit.

If Susan Rice was confirmed, I imagine Keystone XL would have been as well.

John Kerry is firmly opposed to Keystone XL and will most likely (hopefully) put the brakes on this disaster waiting to happen.

So overall, the GOP's plan to get Scott Brown back in the Senate has failed and now their plan to build a dangerous pipeline across America looks like it might fail as well.

They'll never say it in public, but I bet if they knew then what they know now, they would just go ahead and confirm Rice.

I believe in karma and that what goes around comes around.

The GOP tried to obstruct and play politics to gain political power and it blew up in their faces.

I jut wanted to point this out. :)

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