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Miami Herald: McCain defends immigration plan to angry residents

This is one of the funnest diaries I've ever written.

During a heated town hall gathering in the Phoenix suburb of Sun Lakes, McCain said the border near Yuma is largely secure, but said smugglers are using the border near Tucson to pump drugs into Phoenix. He said immigration reform should be contingent on better border security that must rely largely on technology able to detect border crossings.

McCain said a tamper-proof Social Security card would help combat identity fraud, and noted any path to citizenship must require immigrants to learn English, cover back taxes and pay fines for breaking immigration laws.

"There are 11 million people living here illegally," he said. "We are not going to get enough buses to deport them."

Some audience members shouted out their disapproval.

One man yelled that only guns would discourage illegal immigration. Another man complained that illegal immigrants should never be able to become citizens or vote. A third man said illegal immigrants were illiterate invaders who wanted free government benefits.

McCain urged compassion. "We are a Judeo-Christian nation," he said. McCain's other town hall meeting took place in Green Valley, south of Tucson.

The Teabags are destroying the GOP from within while demographics destroy it from without.  

They will absolutely not let the GOP take a reasonable, non-insane position on any issue.  

5:56 PM PT: Appalling video from Tuscon News 13 here:

They hint that there was a bit of a problem with riled up Teabags, but they try hard to spin it in a positive direction.  

BTW McCain looks and sounds like an angry old Teabag himself in this video, he wants to militarize the border and kill the Mexicans before they can cross the river, and he's on the reasonable end of the spectrum!

6:01 PM PT: Now hitting the WaPo:

WaPo: McCain defends immigration overhaul to angry Arizonans as Napolitano tours state’s border

Originally posted to grytpype on Tue Feb 19, 2013 at 05:42 PM PST.

Also republished by Baja Arizona Kossacks.

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