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Seriously, there's a $10,000 prize a begging and I'm sure we can come up with some brilliant ideas, after all we've been working on this for years.

Viguerie Offers $10,000 Liberty Prize: Asks For Plans For Conservative Takeover Of GOP

Warning - this link goes to ConservativeHQ, for a more Kos friendly link you can see the story at the place I found it, The Immoral Minority

Over the orange twisted grin for more...

Viguerie writes...

Today, I'm announcing “The Liberty Prize,” a contest for grassroots conservatives to submit a plan or ideas to take over the Republican Party, win the November 2016 elections, and govern America by 2017.
That sounds like a marvellous idea, well the first bit anyhow. Can't see how he figures the last two but still.
The most important political battle in America is not between Republicans and Democrats or between conservatives and liberals. It is the battle for control of the Republican Party between establishment big government Republicans and limited government, constitutional conservatives.
Up bayonets I say.
The urgency of this effort cannot be overstated.
Indeed it can't, go for it sunshine.
In asking for ideas on how to help save our country, I named the $10,000 prize “The Liberty Prize” because I want to encourage the grassroots conservatives of the GOP to liberate the Party from the control of the Beltway insiders who are pushing the Party away from the conservative principles that win elections for Republicans.  The entire $10,000 could go to one person who writes a great plan or it could be divided among persons who submit specific ideas to advance the project.
Come on Kospeeps, let's have a group effort to help this poor man.
The winning plan/idea will be included in a book I'm writing to be published this spring, entitled, “TAKEOVER."
Sigh, the book, you knew it was coming.

There's some pretty nasty things being said about Karl Rove but even RWNuts have copyright protection so I had to call a halt.

He's had a couple of wonderful replies so far...

It is one thing to take over the GOP from the PTB. It is another to win elections. We are handicapped by the power of the lame stream media. Fox News is the self proclaimed "fair and balanced" network but why isn't there a network for conservatives only? I am not interested in what any liberals think and there is no reason to engage them in a serious debate if they lie and get away with it. If Glenn Beck can start a successful TV Channel, why can't we?

Another thing that should be done is get back to a paper ballot and dip your finger in purple ink like they did in Iraq. We can't have democrat cheaters voting multiple times and getting away with it. Nor can we ensure fair elections with voting machines that can be (and were) programmed to cheat republican voters. We need an effective voter registration drive and get out the vote effort that uses the technology the democrats used to expand their base.

Purple ink, YAY.

I further suggest that, at this very moment there are women ready and willing to step in and teach us all how to govern in the Conservative fashion. Here are a few: Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Sabrina Schaeffer, Penny Nance, Virginia Foxx, Kellly Ayotte, Cynthia Lummis, Martha Roby, Shelley Moore Capito, Deb Fischer, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Jaime Herrera Beutler and any number who currently serve as the CEO, COO, or CFO of a major corporation. None of you guys behind the scenes (The Beltway Boys) will make a dent in the armor surrounding the idiot-filled Republican National Committee until you wise up and seek and follow the wise advice of the ladies who gave birth to you but yet are not wise enough to be your Solomon. I Rest My Case!
Gulp, actually, that one is quite scary.
Republicans need to quit trying to outdo the demoncrats.  They are not going to win over the demoncrats, but they do lose their base of voters.  What we need are men and women who are willing to articulate the devastation that demoncratic policies are wreaking on our nation and how the Conservative Republican policies will restore America's greatness.

I'm thinking they may have a troll, that one put an ic at the end of demoncrat, verrrry suspicious.
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