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I'd like to reach out to any of you Kossacks from West Virginia's 1st Congressional District for information.  Feel free to add your understanding of the communities, issues, etc.  

This isn't going to be much of a diary.  You can add anything you want about the 1st Congressional District.  Keep in mind this diary is just for information purposes.  Let's not get too carried away with whether or not any of these Knowledge Democrats information gathering diaries mean the Congressional districts in questions are winnable by Democrats or not.  Were here to assess districts across the country, no matter how "deep reed" or "red" they are.

What issues directly affect people in the 1st Congressional District and West Virginia in in general?  My colleague Augustin and I are working on the Knowledge Democrats project and I've started working on a wiki page for West Virginia's 1st congressional district in order to assist in our long term efforts to promote progressive candidates in that district, whether at the local, state or federal level.  We understand West Virginia's 1st Congressional District may be conservative for the most part but we're still looking to reach out to any Kossacks, Democrats or progressives in the area or state.  It helps for long-term planning.

We do know for now that David McKinley is the current Congressman in the 1st Congressional District of West Virginia.  We also know Congressman McKinley was first elected in 2010 and has become an outspoken critic on the attacks on coal.  He's also a Tea Party Republican.

Also, taking politics out of the equation, let others know if you've been to the West Virginia 1st Congressional District and can point out some good restaurants, venues and places to spend time in there.

So far, I only have the basic information. What issues should be documented? What important links / articles / information should be added to the wiki page?


Can Democrats reclaim the seat in West Virginia's 1st Congressional District?

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  •  2nd district here (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I have the great joy of living in Shelley Moore Capito's 2nd district. Unless she becomes Governor or Senator we're stuck with her for a while so I guess I've resigned myself to keeping her because the alternatives are worse.

    Anyway, general WV issues: I'd say that unemployment and education are the biggest issues. We rank, what? I think 49th or 47th on most educational barometers (which frankly I think those barometers are crap, but the schools are bad). And we all know that unemployment cannot be improved without improving the education of the people. Now, unfortunately, the State Superintendent of Schools was recently ousted in a superbly political move. She was replaced by a buddy of those on the State School Board. I suspect the schools are about to get even worse.

    Gun rights are likely to be a big issue in the district. They definitely are here and I suspect in almost all of WV.

    WV is such a weird state (I'm a transplant). It's quite conservative in many ways, but they elect Democrats to most state offices. In large part it's a very libertarian state - people just want to be left alone to make their own decisions about life.

    One other thing to watch that may or may not become an issue. We have a new AG named Patrick Morrisey. He ran on a platform to gut the AG's office and he is already doing it. He lives in my area although he moved here with some backing from outside conservative forces. He's going to gut all of the consumer protection work in the AG's office and that may be an area that is of interest to folks. I don't know how that might factor into a Congressional race, but I'm just trying to pass along info.

  •  I'm in the WV-02 as well (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    And I live in mortal FEAR of S.M.C winding up with Jay's Senate seat!!

    She's a total moron GOP sheep, and makes my blood boil!

    As for the comments lef by HomeSchool, they are generally accurate. Coal is an issue here. It is a God Awful job that kills a ton of workers, pays for crud, and treats them like crap, but it's all they know, and any threat to it is seen as a threat to thier long standing way of life, and ONLY income.

    We have it good on the Eastern Panhandle, but the rest of the state is an unemployment/education nightmare!

    You have your right to your opinion, I will grant you that, but do not denigrate my right to mine!

    by MrQA on Mon Feb 25, 2013 at 03:39:00 AM PST

  •  One thing - (0+ / 0-)

    if you are not FROM WVa you will not be trusted, paid any attention to, or given the time of day.  And probably purposely given the incorrect directions to a long, mud filled road up a holla to a pig farm.

    Asking about restaurants, etc. sez a world about where you're coming from.

    And they love their guns and religion.

    Sorry, but them there's the facts.  

    (Married to one)

    Suggest you look up Sue Thorn, who just ran against McKinley, in #1.  

    •  I'll research Sue Thorn (0+ / 0-)

      As for you saying if people are not from W VA, well, that's interesting.  I'm guessing this means that W-VA residents are very protective of the state's dignity that they don't want to be influenced from outsiders.  I think I understand where the residents are coming from.  I know I've been to Utah and a lot of the areas in the state are extremely conservative, particularly Ogden.  Making friends with the residents can be tricky, particularly if you're a tourist.  That's why if you know someone who lives in Utah, it will probably be better.

      Shoot, if I ever traveled to W-VA, I can use my iPhone.  Its GPS system is amazing, very efficient.  I don't need directions.  I'll just find places on my own.  That's how I usually am.  As much as women always say guys (like myself) should ask more questions, well, in this case, I won't ask questions.  The Internet has so many capabilities that looking up things in W-VA wouldn't be a problem.

      I think doing all these Knowledge Democrats diaries on Kos are making me understand states and their regions much better.

      •  The landscape may (0+ / 0-)

        inhibit your GPS & iPhone.  It's better than it was - thanks to fracking in northern WVa, there are now more cell towers than there used to be.  But don't be too surprised if you have some/many dead spots.

        Good topographical maps may be more useful.  Good luck!

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