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Right around the time a decade ago when Bob Woodward started portraying psychotic puppet-emperor George W. Bush (who one might easily think was the inspiration for Joffrey Baratheon in Game of Thrones) as some kind of bold, iconoclastic visionary rather than the cartoonishly cruel and vindictive parasite his every word and deed advertised, I began to doubt that Mr. Woodward was indeed the intrepid paragon of journalistic virtue and truth-telling indicated by Robert Redford in All the President's Men.  

Now with recent events, I'm forced to wonder if maybe Carl Bernstein had been the brains of that particular operation, and Woodward just some random hack on the paper who had been assigned to work with him.  Given what I've seen of this guy in my lifetime, the idea that his role in breaking Watergate was some kind of real-life Being There begins to seem increasingly plausible.  Seriously, look up Bernstein's resume since Watergate and compare it with Woodward's - it's not even close.  One is a journalistic ninja, and the other is the guy who wrote four incredibly charitable contemporary books about the Bush regime with its full cooperation and permission before being involved in the Plame affair.

Well, I guess he's not done with...doing whatever the hell it is he does.  Because now, as noted on the Front Page, Woodward has publicly interpreted an innocuous email conversation with a White House official as containing ominous threats and intimidation meant to silence journalism.  The FP piece does well enough showing the fact that the claim is complete bullshit, but coming as it does so close on the heels of Woodward's unfavorable comparison of Obama with (you guessed it) George W. Bush just makes it that much more egregious and disgraceful.  He conjured this nonsense out of thin air while defending a murdering, torturing, psychotic dictator who spent every single day stomping his foot in the face of this country.

Frankly, this chicanery reminds me of someone in particular - three guesses who.  That's right - Bob Woodward has gone Full Breitbart.  And everybody knows you never go Full Breitbart.

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