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Well, well ...  someone had the audacity to post this remark on a FB group I belong to call "The National Association of Black and White Men Together" and a political cartoon that was posted there:

Here we go again !! This is the fartherest from the truth (in some instances). And certainly NOT true for me. It's unfair for you, or anyone else, to "GROUP" any one in this manner. I have for so long wished that we as a people could pull together and get along. But it seems as if someone always "taints the water", to set things back, after the hard work that has been done. I agree that there is still the hatred out there, and posting stuff like this is not conducive in getting where we need to be. For the record, I don't hate anyone, Mr. Obama included, I do hate the fact that things are transpiring in Washington like they are. Tell the truth and shame the devil, Mr. Obama is the President, and he is involved in all this, but I don't believe he is the ( ONE ) to be responsible for the whole mess. There is the senate as well.
My response (a little over the top, perhaps) below.

To the commenter ... I have to ask myself, why there are so few people identified with the Tea Party who ever say "enough" to the talk we hear and the things we see almost daily. When I ask myself that, I come to the conclusion that those politicians supported by the Tea Party are either too cowardly to do something about the things that we are seeing those in the Tea Party say, or they actually believe those things. That's the impression I get. And I think it's the impression that most reasonable people would take away from this kind of evidence.

It's clear to me that when a senator from the opposition party says things like "Our top priority is to make sure that Obama is a one-term president" (McConnell-R, KY), hatred is the undercurrent that allows him to feel safe enough to actually come out and say it. When people claim that Mr. Obama is a socialist/fascist (political opposites, by the way) and is out to get my guns, I think hatred is the undercurrent that allows these things to be said. When this president faces multiple times as many death threats (about 4x from what I'm told) as any previous president, I think hatred is likely the undercurrent for that, too. And don't get me started about how the A-A guy running for mayor in that town in MS got murdered for having the audacity to run for public office. Where is the outcry over that? Hmmm?

I note that you say that Mr. Obama isn't the only one at fault; the Senate is involved as well. How interesting that you say the two parts of government controlled by the party that have [sic, my bad!] been willing to compromise are at fault, and not the House. I've not heard one word from the House even allowing for the discussion of increased taxes for those who have disproportionately benefited (to the tune of 10 times more than the rest of us) from the policies over the last 30+ years, starting with Ronald Reagan. (And may I remind you that Mr. Reagan chose to start his first presidential campaign in Philadelphia, MS. Look that city up in civil rights history to get the significance of that; those down South surely did.) Those controlling the House of Representatives have exhibited little concern for those who labor through the sweat of their brow or the use of their minds. If anything, they've showed far more interest in making sure those who work for a living have as little to say about how we are governed as possible. The most effective way the wealthy and their minions in government do that is by dividing us to minimize the power that we have. Unfortunately, the Tea Party buys into that in its behavior, and is helping the wealthy in their agenda without even realizing it, through their cynical appeal to our differences rather than those things that bind us together.

The policies of the last 30+ years, starting with deregulation mania back in the 80s (remember the savings and loan crisis? $400B in rescues back then) and culminating with the final deregulation of investment, commercial banks and insurance companies in 1998 (admittedly helped along by Democrats), facilitated the near collapse of the US and world economies in 2008-10. And the claim that austerity (a.k.a. sequester here in this country) is the way to go has resulted, in Europe, in double and even triple dip recession. And it looks like sequester is what we'll get, even though even conservative economists know the results will hurt most of us.

As far as I'm concerned, both Mr. Obama's and the Senate's biggest mistake was to not stand their ground more, and earlier.

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