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War criminals and torturers still walking around as free as birds.

Bankers that so nearly ruined the economy laughing it up with better bonuses than ever rather than singing from behind bars.

Crazy legislation born in fear and loathing [Patriot Act etc etc]  still in place.

Guantanamo still open once again from unabashed fear.

Wistleblowers hounded as if they were the criminals.

A Republican inspired piece of legislation [Affordable Care Act] trumpeted as some form of Democratic Party triumph.

Austerity that has so abjectly failed in Europe being held up as some form of cure.

Income inequality returned to pre-Great Depression levels.

Gerrymandering and voter suppression taken not as a crime but as an all but accepted norm.

Racism coming from the mouth of a Supreme Court Justice.

The most important issue of our times "Climate Change" being all but ridiculed.

The mainstream media treating the reasoning of the frothing at the mouth brigades; birthers, secessionists, misogynists, bigots, gun nuts and flat out racists as having some sort of worth.

Now they are holding up Medicare and Social Security as negotiable items, once you start the ball rolling privatization is inevitable. Once again all stemming from self generated immolation and fear.

I haven't written a diary for a while and it is not that I lack anything to write about it is because I just don't know where to start.

The Republican party has become the refuge of nastiest elements in our society yet somehow they are still held up as some form of viable alternative as G W Bush's legacy has all but been effaced.

It is no wonder I haven't bothered for a while and I probably wont write for a good time to come [to the relief of many].

I really cant get my head around what the fuck is going on, and don't get me started about what is going on this side of the pond; the word seppuku comes to mind.

8:01 AM PT: An action diary to note, a tip and wreck would not go amiss

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