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While listening to Democracy Now on freedom of press, Bradley Manning, Wikileaks, drones domestic & otherwise, et cetera, I want to exercise my 1st Amendment rights and yell at Charlie Rangel right here, now, to break that bubble of silence he keeps railing against We The People for perpetuating in his sequestered little Beltway world.

HEY, CHARLIE!  The "churches and public" you had the shamelessness to blame again today on MSNBC for being silent on The Sequester, as you previously blamed these same two entities for their silence on Paul Ryan's diabolical budget, have not been silent.  Maybe you need hearing aides contacting and listening to We the People and Nuns on the Bus (Network) and many other groups that continuously condemn it as an immoral document.

Why can't you hear the screaming, Charlie?  Are you sequestered with too many rich donors who block the sound?  How long can poor people both employed and unemployed be battered and bullied until, from sheer exhaustion, we become too hoarse, too weak to speak?   Do you have a clue, Charlie, you natty dresser you, that some of us won't ever, if we wanted to, that is, cough up the cost of one of your sharp silk ties, much less keep wasting our rent/mortgage money calling deaf Dems like you.  Do you disrespect us so, that you think we're dumb enough to throw our time away trying to get to the GOP?  

HEY, CHARLIE! CUT THE CRAP.  YOU ALL ARE NOW GUILTY OF BREAKING THE BACKS OF THOSE LOSING OUR  HEADSTART, WIC, MEALS ON WHEELS, UNEMPLOYMENT PITTANCES AND MANY MORE PROGRAMS THAT WERE KEEPING WE THE PEOPLE HANGING ON BY OUR FINGERTIPS.  Now that we're sliding down into the widening grand canyon (Grand Bargain, my ass, hungry  children should never 'share pain' with hedgefund fools; those children's pain is of a quantity and quality beyond the comprehension of those Capitalist cons) of inequity, I'll keep on yelling til most voices are swallowed up in to that Sequester silence that came nowhere near as quickly as that sinkhole that enveloped the poor sleeping man in his bed.


Didn't you hear the decades-long  screams, now probably reduced to whimpers, from the time of Clinton's Welfare DEform and SHAFTA, through the two unfunded wars and Medicare D Prescription giveaway to Big Pharma, through the killing of the public option under ACA?

The estimate is 800, 000 jobs will be lost, 'furloughed,' and we will be f*ked in one way or another with this so-called Sequester. I heard sequester means 'kidnapping' in Spanish.  Maybe it stole your ability to hear?   Maybe you're locked in one of Mittloser's "quiet rooms?"

Don't keep up your years' long pretense that you can't hear the cries of the children, the elderly, the unemployed and the religious who take the Gospels seriously.  Don't blame us for not crying, screaming, protesting, writing.  We The People have been yelling, marching, protesting since before ML King's Poor People's Campaign. If there ever were a time to re-ignite that cry for economic justice the time is now.  I guess that's one good thing the Sequester's final blow to those of US below has wrought:  When we of the 47% grow to encompass most of the US, the cries might finally be loud enough to burst your bs bubble.  Blame yourself and those cronies of yours with ears that will not hear.

And HEY, CHARLIE? If you get louder protecting earned benefits programs and raising the minimum wage and speaking up for the millions of us living in poverty, then I promise to help US get louder and support you.  Then you'll really hear US now!!  

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  •  Is Charlie Rangel really the problem here? (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
  •  Giving you one (0+ / 0-)

    I'm giving you a Rec, because you do seem to be raging from the heart, and I feel ya.

    But you have to know that rants that dissolve INTO ALL CAP SCREAMS and ugly words are usually not very persuasive at all.

    Now that you got this off your chest, perhaps you could edit it just a bit to be calmer and more reader friendly. You know what I mean?

  •  AUTHOR'S REPLY (0+ / 0-)

    Yes, Woody, I feel ya. too. But I was furious, and still am, really.  I know screaming caps are frownned upon as less than rational or helpful.  I didn't intend to be either rational nor helpful here.  My pov is, with friends like Rangel, who needs the GOP to destroy the vulnerable.

    As for the other comments, I don't think Rangel was doing something.  That's why I wrote this the way I did.

    Is he the problem here? Yes, he's a Dem that should be helping, not blaming the victims and their defenders for not being sufficiently loudly vocal for him.  He should be even louder than they that he says are silent, which is untrue.  And no, Rangel is not the most egregious nor evil concerning the war on the poor, women, science, ecology, etc.  I wrote this only because he persists in this attitude and I hear no one criticizing him for it.

    Could I have written this, as a poet advised, with recollection of emotion in tranquility? Sure.  Woody here is correct and compassionate, and I do appreciate the wisdom of his course correction.  However, I will correct not a word nor cap nor curse.

    I probably will write more screaming caps pieces as the situation worsens for workers, the poor, et. al.  I can't participate in riots like those in Greece, in Spain, in Egypt; nor outright civil war in Syria. I didn't even participate in the Battle in Seattle, any Occupy action, the righteous anti-Pipeline protests.  Crowds scare me.  But what I see is a rising fascism of the military-industrial-prison complex that Ike foresaw in his 'cross of iron' speech, and there's  no FDR in sight.

    So I'll scream here from time to time.  It ain't pretty; probably not making things better. Certainly isn't Zen rising above it all.  But sometimes an aging Boomer becomes less Beatles and more rage against the machine sheer punk. T'ant pis, as a French woman with a bad attitude might conclude here, now.

    I hope a kinder, gentler piece will also be forthcoming.

    Thanks for all that took the time to read and comment.  And more thanks to Woody who rec'd this, even with reservations :-)


  •  2nd Author's Note & Change of Heart/Mind (0+ / 0-)

    Couldn't stop thinking that Woody and others' criticicisms were correct & constructive.

    So, today, I just changed the last line(s) in this Diary.  I'll save my less-than-helpful F.U. rage to some more deserving of it...:-)

    (I did leave the caps part: more from laziness, true; but I did really want to show my losing it & yelling, too: Which was also true...)

    Thanks, again, to all readers & commenters.

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