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Image Hosted by Tonight on TDS, New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, (co-)Author, Earn the Right to Win: How Success in Any Field Starts with Superior Preparation; and on TCR, NYU president John Sexton, Author, Baseball as a Road to God: Seeing Beyond the Game.

sausage grinder of snark
sausage grinder of snark

The Daily Show

Well, OK, Neil deGrasse Tyson is worth watching. But not writing up again.
The Colbert Report
Kirk Bloodsworth (first American sentenced to death row cleared by DNA fingerprinting, Advocacy Director: Witness to Innocence)
@BloodsworthDNA    Wikipedia    his InnocenceProject page    his Center on Wrongful Convictions page    This stuff at, from a 2008 National Library of Medicine exhibition

There's a documentary set for 2014 (with related news)
And a (2004) book

NYTimes, February 5, 2013 A Death Penalty Fight Comes Home
Amnesty International (USA)February 6, 2013: Kirk Bloodsworth and the Demise of the Death Penalty and alternet piece that led me to it.
Also, Maryland-specific email clicky-thingy --  death penalty repeal in Maryland already diaried (Feb 27).
Baltimore Sun Mar 1 2013: Death penalty repeal clears a key test vote in Senate
Final vote could come next week which links to a petition prob only good in Delaware
wikipedia    twitter    youtube    facebook    about

James Franco, Oz the Great and Powerful

RottenTomatoes (Mon eve: 15 reviews, 67%)
Franco's RottenTomatoes page a thing I saw on tumblr earlier today  Marina Abramovic' Exclusive: James Franco’s Life to Be the Subject of a Marina Abramovic Film]
Marina Abramovic Will Make a Movie About James Franco
ICONOCLASTS - James Franco + Marina Abramovic'
Using the Kübler-Ross Model for Marina Abramovic’s Documentary on James Franco

Huffpo interview
historical background
filmed in directors hometown
Graduate of someone's local college
ClothesOnFilm review
tie-in cocktail & snack recipes
HSN line
themed scrabble tile necklace
assorted other tie-ins

Brendan O’Connell, Walmart Paintings

Brendan O’Connell Makes the Everyday Artful
interview: Brendan O’Connell on His Art & His New Project, Everyartist
Brendan O’Connell Makes the Everyday Artful
This week's inspiring pop culture moment: Brendan O’Connell
He's got his eyes on the aisles: Painter's work turns Walmart into fine art
Walart A career epiphany in a supermarket (plus)
FastCo take: When Artists And Corporations Get Along
"Walmart art" by other artists at
NYU President John Sexton, Author: “Baseball as a Road to God: Seeing Beyond the Game”

Wikipedia "Office of the President" Bio ratemyprofessors page The 10 Best College Presidents (he's #2)

2010 Bill Moyers interview about "Baseball as a Road To God" class You Can Now Pre-Order JSex’s Book, “Baseball As A Road To God” The actual course title (I think): "Baseball as a Road to God: A Study in the Post- Modern Hegemony of Constructed Reality"
Baseball as a Road to God: Seeing Beyond the Game publisher's site    amazon    goodreads     B&N    PubWeekly    Kirkus notable:

If there is a just supreme being in charge, for instance, then why have the Cubs labored in the vineyards of hell for so many years?
In recent news:
NYU President Sexton May Face No-Confidence Vote on Expansion
Vote by professors is a slap at NYU president
As Growth Shifts Into Overdrive, NYU Faces a Rebellion From Within Notable:
Observers inside and outside NYU are watching closely, because the outcome of the vote will likely determine which path the school takes over the coming decades. In affirming Sexton, NYU would be doubling down on a strategy of almost metastatic growth, both in New York and globally; a relentless assault on tenured professors in favor of cheaper and more docile contract and adjunct faculty; and ever-rising tuition that transfers the school's debt onto its students. If the vote goes the other way, it would reaffirm the idea of universities are primarily about learning, not earning, and might even change—or, rather, help preserve—the face of the city itself.
Louvre, Guggenheim and NYU Accept Millions From Abu Dhabi but Remain Silent on Human Rights letters
Lawsuit Presses On Against NYU Expansion Plan
More Than One N.Y.U. Star Got Lavish Parting Gift
Should Top U.S. Colleges Expand Overseas? Leave the tuition on the dresser. begins:
Sometime next week, New York University’s president, John Sexton, will face a no-confidence vote by his faculty. The affable Sexton has led an ambitious expansion campaign during his 11 years at the helm of the most expensive university in the country, unveiling a “NYU 2031” plan to build 2.8 million square feet of new construction in its home base of Greenwich Village, and building what is called the “Global Network University” overseas with a new campus in Abu Dhabi, one under construction in Shanghai, and 16 others planned on six continents.

Students and faculty are crying foul, saying this plan represents the utmost in hubris, an imperial grab for cash and glory at the expense of liberal values, academic integrity, and educational quality. And NYU is not alone...

As NYU’s Tuition Soars, NYU Employees Leave with Seven-Figure Parting Gifts

(last-minute finds:)
As student debt rises, perks and high pay for top college officials
State Department’s Posner joins NYU Stern School of Business
Taking homeless fight to N.Y.U.’s door, he camps out
Anatomy of a Failed Campus: What Happened At NYU's Tisch Asia?

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