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A new documentary on Showtime is revealing Dick Cheney at his most unguarded. With time he no longer cares about hiding the truth.

He is going to die an old man in his bed. How many people won't because of his crimes?

Via Maureen Dowd:

Talking to Mr. Cutler in his deep headmaster's monotone, Mr. Cheney dispenses with the fig leaf of "we." He no longer feigns deference to W., whom he now disdains for favoring Condi over him in the second term and for not pardoning "Cheney's Cheney," Scooter Libby.

"I had a job to do," he said.

Continuing: "I got on the telephone with the president, who was in Florida, and told him not to be at one location where we could both be taken out." Mr. Cheney kept W. flying aimlessly in the air on 9/11 while he and Lynn left on a helicopter for a secure undisclosed location, leaving Washington in a bleak, scared silence, with no one reassuring the nation in those first terrifying hours.

"I gave the instructions that we'd authorize our pilots to take [the Pennsylvania flight] out... After I'd given the order, it was pretty quiet. Everybody had heard it, and it was obviously a significant moment."

There's no more pretending that this was anything other than a Cheney presidency, at least for Bush's un-elected 'first term.' Don't believe me? Read on:
In his memoir, W. described feeling "blindsided" again and again. In this film, the blindsider is the eminence grise who was supposed to shore up the untested president. The documentary reveals the Iago lengths that Mr. Cheney went to in order to manipulate the unprepared Junior Bush...

...He filled W.'s head with stories about conflicts between presidents and vice presidents sparked by the vice president's ambition, while protesting that he himself did not want the job.

...He was always goosing up W.'s insecurities so he could take advantage of them. To make his crazy and appallingly costly detour from Osama to Saddam by cherry-picking his fake case for invading Iraq, he played on W.'s fear of being lampooned as a wimp, as his father had been.

Read more:

Here's a deal: I can almost forgive Bush--I'll settle for Cheney in prison and Bush can be convicted of the crimes that he committed and then have his sentence commuted. It's incredible to compare what happened with Watergate--remember Barbara Jordan?--to the rabbit role we went down with Iraq, torture, spying, vote-rigging, kickbacks, conflicts of interest, corporate giveaways, economic terrorism and inside men.

This is a matter of justice and responsibility.  This failure does not hang solely on President Obama's head or Nancy Pelosi's, although she sure deserves a lot of the blame. It hangs on the whole Democratic Party, and the whole nation, including the rotten state of the Republican Party.

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