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You never know when you might meet a reefer. Spotting one while active has become near impossible, what with breath mints and eye-drops and the like. And I assure you, whether you realize it or not, the people on both sides of you could very well be stoned right now.

They are everywhere.

Remember this chilling documentary:

Funny stuff, right? Batshit insane, right? WRONG! and WRONG! It is the pot that makes you insane, if you don't believe that go watch the video again.

And there is NOTHING funny about a reefer; not then and not now.

Find out why below the fold.

Things have changed a lot since 1938. Today things are downright horrible. It's come to the point where our current President and the previous two are all reefers. Where they're calling this deadly narcotic a "medicine." And it has come to the point where some states have actually allowed people to use it recreationally.

Obviously the reefer situation has gotten quite out of hand.

Of course people are throwing around things like "the will of the people" and "a just and sensible society" and "democratically petitioned, approved and signed-into-law legislation" to pretend to permit this wilful endangerment of our fair nation. But obviously those people and anybody else parroting that sort of hippie talk are all reefers themselves. So there you go... Anyway what do "the people" know? They should all simply disregard a lifetime of anecdotal information and realize that marijuana is as dangerous to society as the government says it is, and that whatever consequences arise from strict enforcement of such an incredibly difficult-to-enforce plant are entirely worth it.

I was an active reefer myself for many years, I'm active right now in fact, and I can tell you that we have damned ourselves by loosening our grip on this devil plant. The above documentary was spot-on, the terrible scourge of teh reefer madness is all too real. Just ask anybody with a badge.

Because addiction.

Plus the children.

Gateway drug.


Also the children, and criminals.

And if all those well-vetted admonitions don't sway you, consider this: Studies have shown that marijuana users are 100% more likely to engage in criminal activity than both a baked potato and a fruit fly.

crossposted at The Hammershop


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