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Merry Wednesday, first day of Spring, etc.!

For the first couple of questions I want to revisit that one from yesterday where lots of people said, "I'll get back to you."


What musical event from any era in history would you like to be able to witness (as a fly on the wall or a human in the crowd). This could include anything from opera premieres, Mozart composing something, or the Festival Express, as long as it involves music.  What historical political event would you like to be a fly on the wall at? What sounds can you absolutely not tolerate? What is your favorite feeling? What is your favorite memory of your parents?

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On This Day

In 1816, the Supreme Court affirmed its right to review state court decisions.

In 1852, "Uncle Tom's Cabin," Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel about slavery, was published.

In 1854, the Republican Party was born in Ripon, Wisconsin.

In 1969, John Lennon married Yoko Ono in Gibraltar.

In 1987, the FDA approved the sale of AZT, a drug shown to prolong the lives of some AIDS patients.

In 1996, the Menendez Brothers (Erik and Lyle) were convicted of the murder of their very rich parents and were subsequently sentenced to life in prison.

In 2004, six soldiers were charged by the U.S. Military of abusing prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

Born on This Day

43 BC – Ovid, Roman poet (d. 17)

1469 – Princess Cecily of York (d. 1507)

1811 – George Caleb Bingham, American artist (d. 1879)

 photo GeorgeCalebBingham.jpg

1811 – Napoleon II, Emperor of the French and King of Rome (d. 1832)

1828 – Henrik Ibsen, Norwegian writer (d. 1906)

1831 - Theodor Aman, Romanian painter (d. 1891)

 photo TheodorAman.jpg

1836 – Sir Edward Poynter, British painter (d. 1919)

 photo SirEdwardJohnPoynter.jpg

1840 – Illarion Pryanishnikov, Russian painter (d. 1894)

Your homey Russian landscape of the day.

1856 – Sir John Lavery, Irish artist (d. 1941)

It's Spring!

1903 – Edgar Buchanan, American actor (d. 1979)

1904 – B. F. Skinner, American psychologist (d. 1990)

1906 – Ozzie Nelson, American bandleader and actor (d. 1975)

1907 – Ruby Muhammad, American matriarch of Black Islam (d. 2011)

1908 – Sir Michael Redgrave, English actor (d. 1985)

1914 – Wendell Corey, American actor (d. 1968)

1915 – Sister Rosetta Tharpe, American singer (d. 1973)

1917 – Dame Vera Lynn, English actress and singer

1922 – Carl Reiner, American director

1928 – Fred Rogers, American TV host (d. 2003)

1931 – Hal Linden, American actor

1936 – Lee "Scratch" Perry, Jamaican reggae artist (the ad they showed was Henri the existentialist cat for Friskies - sellout!)

1939 – Brian Mulroney, Canadian politician 18th Prime Minister of Canada

1943 – Gerard Malanga, American poet and photographer

1948 – Marva Wright, American blues singer (d. 2010)

1950 – William Hurt, American actor

1950 – Carl Palmer, English drummer (Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Asia, and Atomic Rooster)

1951 – Jimmie Vaughan, American guitarist (The Fabulous Thunderbirds)

1957 – Spike Lee, American film director

1957 – Theresa Russell, American actress

1958 – Holly Hunter, American actress

1963 – David Thewlis, British actor

1971 – Touré Neblett, American writer and television personality

1972 – Alexander Kapranos, Greek-British musician (Franz Ferdinand, The Yummy Fur, and The Karelia)

1976 – Chester Bennington, American musician (Linkin Park and Dead by Sunrise)

Died on This Day

1619 – Mathias, Holy Roman Emperor (b. 1557)

1681 - Gaspar de Witte, Flemish painter (b. 1624)

 photo GaspardeWitte.jpg

1730 – Adrienne Lecouvreur, French actress (b. 1692) (painting by Antoine Coypel)

I hope you like your urn, Dad. It cost more than YOU earned in your lifetime.

1746 – Nicolas de Largillière, French painter (b. 1656)

 photo NicolasdeLargilliegravere.jpg

1771 - Louis-Michel van Loo, French painter (b. 1707)


1780 – Sir Benjamin Truman – English brewer (b. ca. 1699)

1830 - Nicolas-Antoine Taunay, French painter (b. 1755)

 photo Nicolas-AntoineTaunay.jpg

1835 – Louis Léopold Robert, French painter (b. 1794)

 photo LouisLeacuteopoldRobert.jpg

1918 – Lewis A. Grant, American Civil War General (b. 1828)

1925 - Percy Thomas MacQuoid, British artist (b. 1852)

 photo PercyThomasMacQuoid.jpg

1933 – Giuseppe Zangara, American assassin of Anton Cermak and attempted assassin of Franklin Roosevelt (b. 1900)

1964 – Brendan Behan, Irish playwright and author (b. 1923)

1968 – Carl Theodor Dreyer, Danish film director (b. 1889)

1972 – Marilyn Maxwell, American actress (b. 1921)

1974 – Chet Huntley, American television journalist (b. 1911)

1992 - Avonne Taylor, American actress (b. 1899)

 photo AvonneTaylor.jpg

1998 – George Howard, American jazz saxophone player (b. 1956)

2009 – Mel Brown, American/Canadian blues guitarist (b. 1939)

2010 – Liz Carpenter, American feminist writer (b. 1920)

Today is

World Storyteller Day
International Astrology Day
U.N. French Language Day (oh, merde!)
World Sparrow Day
National Ravioli Day
Bock Beer Day
Proposal Day
Festival Of Extraterrestrial Abductions Day
Spring! (Well, for some of us…)

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