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Kaili's first contribution is up at Wonkette and it is terrific.

Happy Conservative Warriors Defeated by Mysterious CPAC Plague Caused By Liberals Probably.

Everybody please welcome our newest Wonkesse, Kaili Joy Gray what we stoled from Daily Kos!

Remember that time when all the hip, young conservatives — like teen starlet Phyllis Schlafly and some dumb chick from Alaska and also for some reason Michele Bachmann — gathered in that godless cesspool that is our nation’s capitol to discuss America’s Future: The Next Generation of Conservatives [Second subhead because more subheads equals more smarter sounding] New Challenges, Timeless Principles? Of course you do, because it wasn’t even a week ago, and you’re probably still putting the finishing touches on your CPAC 2013 scrapbook, complete with pictures of not-racist dudes dressed like Thomas Jefferson, whitesplaining how The Man is keeping them down with the socialism and the Obama ‘n stuff. Also, BENGHAZIIIIII!!!!!! Ah, memories.

If you were (un)lucky enough to attend Chickenfuckingpalooza 2013, Michelle Malkin’s Hashtag Homeroom Twitchy says that Twitter says you also might be still suffering from the “103 fever” and the “chills and body aches” and the “raging ear infection”.

It’s a mystery, by Joe-the-plumber, how these happy warriors were downed by The Plague, but one clever commenter says it was probably caused by mere exposure to the Typhoid Mary sluts known as “Liberal media reporters” who were sent to report on the convention and take pictures with that one guy dressed as a Transformer, who was one of the Founding Fathers? We don’t know.

Please follow the link to read the rest.

When Kaili announced that she was moving over to Wonkette, I knew it was the a perfect match. Her special brand of snark is a beautiful thing to behold. There really is no snarky equal on the internet than Wonkette. Kaili is going to bring a lot of belly laughs to the table. They are lucky to have her. I would be bitter but for the fact that she promised to still play with us here at Daily Kos from time to time.

Give 'em hell, Kaili Joy Gray! We'll be reading.

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