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America, the place where if you steal a few hundred dollars physically then you to jail for decades. But if you steal billions of dollars, you are called a CEO and successful. Then you are given more money in bonuses and never any jail time. If you as that same CEO you actually screw up spectacularly, the government will bail you out because you are too big too fail. More bonuses follow.

And what do ordinary people do? People are getting fat because they hope that if they get big enough the government will consider them too big to fail and give them government services. Just answer "too big to fail" when asked for weight, on that health care application.

America where a bit of the weed can get a person in jail. But a corporation can make a whole state sick, cause deaths for generations and then worst that can happen is that the company may have to reorganize from bankruptcy. Corporations can walk away from debts with some bankruptcy paperwork, but people have student loans forever even after bankruptcy.

Maybe people should just incorporate and become property of their corporate selves. Corporations never go to jail. As long as one commits a crime as an act of the corporation, then one cannot be arrested. Notice how police only work on physical theft crimes and not on electronic theft crimes. We have just learned that banks and governments could just steal 10% of one's savings and that is ok.

In fact the rich are so rich, that if we made a law that police had to prioritize prosecuting where there is 80% of the income, then 99% of us could not be prosecuted.

Companies say if we do something wrong then you can sue us later. So the corporations destroy mountain tops, dump tankers of oil and poison the water. Then the trial takes so long that victims die from old age. And suddenly the company has no assets or money to take when they finally lose.

America is the great land of pretend. Our national debit comes from wars but we never talk about wars. Shhhh. We have been in war-s for ten years, yet that is rarely on any of our television news. Shhhh. In fact we pretend our debt comes from the dedicated funds part of budget that has been collected surplus money - social security. Shhh. It is not the facts that matter, it what we believe.

America where we pay twice as much per person on healthcare as any other industrialized nation, yet we get only half the health care. Healthcare is the business where the ultimate CEO makes the most money.

We used to have kings and queens, where those kings and queens had to actually run the government - at least a little. Now we have CEOs who get mad when their company's oil spill cuts into their time on boat.

America, where we don't have to lose a war to lose our freedom. We just give away our freedom when we are scared. After 9/11, we could have simply built stronger cabin doors on airplanes. Instead we threw away our constitutional freedoms and did two random wars. Feel better yet?

America, where people are still trying to sneak in and live without papers because the rest of the world is worst. America, still good enough to pretend that everything is all right.

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