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Cross posted from Blue Virginia

Last night's Howard Dean/DFA fundraiser on Capitol Hill for Democratic House of Delegates candidates Jennifer Boysko and John Bell was a big success. The room was packed for the DFA "Purple to Blue" kickoff (note: I blogged about the DFA conference call yesterday on "Purple to Blue"), the energy level was high, and the candidates were fired up. Check out the videos, and please help our great Democratic candidates this year!

First, here's John Bell (introduced by DFA Communications Director Neil Sroka), running in the Obama/Kaine 87th district against the utterly egregious David Ramadan (for more on that nutjob, please click here). This is one we Have TO win this November.

More video on the "flip," starting with Fairfax Supervisor John Foust introducing Jennifer Boysko, who's running against Tom Rust (R) in the 86th district. Also, make sure you check out 5:35 into the video for a special treat! :)

Also, check out this photo of former Dean for President super-volunteer Jennifer Boysko with Howard Dean.

Next, Howard Dean speaks about DFA's "Purple to Blue" program and rips into "crackpot" "Crazy Ken" Cuccinelli ("he's nuts...anti immigrant, anti women, anti working's just no no no no no...climate change, science...Ken Cuccinelli is not a serious person; he's a smart guy, but he's crazy"). Also, check out 2:28 into the video as Howard Dean riffs hilariously on perhaps his most well-known moment in the spotlight. Great stuff; gotta love a politician who can laugh at himself...

Here's a bit more from Howard Dean, this time about how the right wing "hates others," and how this country is not about "hate," and most importantly about how change "comes from the bottom" not from the top. Regarding that last point, Dean said that Boysko and Bell won't win unless we have 400-500 people knocking on doors. Dean concluded with this fiery riff:

The extremism that you hear from the Republican Party, whether it's in Virginia or North Dakota, is not where Americans are, and the only way we can remind them of that is to win elections. They're scared running around because Obama beat the pants off of them, as he should have, and we're not going to let them up off the mat, because this is our country...this is a country that cares about community, not about tearing down community, and we are going to change America, and it's going to start with Jennifer and John.

Finally, Jennifer Boysko, John Bell and Howard Dean answer a few questions from the crowd.

UPDATE: Here are a couple photos of Dean, Bell and Boysko.

UPDATE #2: More photos, courtesy of Virginia Democratic grassroots star Catherine S. Read.


And a photo of Catherine Read and yours truly recording the event for posterity, courtesy of Tom Greeson.


Originally posted to lowkell on Wed Mar 27, 2013 at 04:24 AM PDT.

Also republished by Virginia Kos.

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