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Warning -  Funny Palin (who?) diary, turn away now if you've had your fill.

So I was minding my own business last night when an amusing tweet was bought to my attention...

Nathan Wurzel is a Republican consultant and fundraiser.

Nathan Wurtzel  @NathanWurtzel  

I disagree with a very large portion of Avlon's writings. I know he's anti-Palin no matter what. But today's article is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.

12:05 AM - 30 Mar 13

Cannot embed these tweets because it is a protected account, but if you want to verify fill your boots.

The Avlon writing he was agreeing with was entitled "SarahPAC Embarrassment

For a look see at the inevitable outcome pop over the Koscurl*

Obviously getting a little stick here

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  16h  
But I can't make you believe things you don't want to believe.

Couple of tweets giving facts.

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  16h  
FEC reports (tons of data here):

Getting fed up now

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  16h  
Can't wait to be told I don't understand campaign/PAC spending or the FEC. Go ahead and try it.

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  16h  
Of course. Because I pointed out she's abusing her supporters. RT @antonettegreen1: @NathanWurtzel but you are anti-palin too

Tries sympathy

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  16h  
It's always the ones you root for the hardest who disappoint you the most.


Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  16h  
If you care about the conservative movement, you don't fleece its supporters and you don't stand by and let it happen when you see it.

Starting to get a little pissed

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  16h  
@antonettegreen1 I'm not going to debate a Palin cultist because there is zero chance I will change your mind. Waste of my time.

More defence

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  16h  
@JazzShaw Do you think I'd put my ass out there on something like this if it wasn't so outrageous?

Hmmm, interesting, a retweet of a Breitbarter

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  16h  
As have I RT @RBPundit: I’m a little bummed because I defended Palin so many times

His timeline is a hoot, eg

RB ‏@RBPundit  15h  
I didn’t think it was possible, but there people more unhinged than Ronulans -> @PalinArmy

Back to Nathan who is now getting decidedly ratty

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  14h  
@CoolChange80 Shut up, asshole. There is NO EXCUSE for ripping off conservative donors like that.

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  14h  
@gary4205 And I could care less what you think if you're too stupid to understand she's ripping her donors off

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  14h  
@gary4205 Do you understand how stupid you sound? You don't care about the facts, you worship a politician.

ROFL, this guy is growing on me

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  14h  
@gary4205 Seriously, you sound like a Stalin-era zampolit. It's pathetic.

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  14h  
@gary4205 There are shady consultants who spent your money on a nice new boat laughing at your gullible ass right now.

Uh Oh, Gary is angry

Gary Jackson ‏@gary4205  14h  
@CoolChange80 Yup @NathanWurtzel is a nasty little toad A hater of the highest order & a bullshit artist deluxe  Needs run out of politics

Nathan after many to ings and fro ings is too Nathan,me too

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  14h  
OK, @gary4205, I am bored with you now. But do tell me when you're going to run me out of politics.

There are so many wormholes that I went down in Nathan's timeline that it is almost impossible to quote them all. He had a convo with a big noise from The Right Scoop, he was abused by Palinbots, he lost his temper and found his humour and lost his temper again. He had quite a night.

I'll post a couple more and maybe some links. I had a lot of fun watching some folks finally catch on to Griftzilla.


Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  14h  
At least the last person who tried to run me out of politics used complete sentences.
Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  13h

Tonight I learned a Sarah Palin endorsement SINGLEHANDEDLY wins a race so it's OK if her PAC has 94% overhead because RINO.

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  13h  
See, Rand Paul won because of Palin's endorsement and her $7,000 and not because of the millions Paul raised plus the millions Rove spent.

Sarcasm, heh

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  13h  
That $7,000 was SUPERMONEY that overwhelmed all the other money.

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  13h  
@godsowncrunk You cannot tell people you are using their money to advance conservatism, spend 94% on overhead, and be honest.
Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  13h

@godsowncrunk 6% of the money her PAC raises goes to voter contact. 94% goes to overhead and consultants. Can I make this clearer?

Clear as a bell to me Nathe (can I call you Nathe?), not so to some others

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  13h  
If you don't understand why it's not OK for 94% of the money you raise to go to overhead, I can't possibly explain it to you.

Oh Nathe, give up hon

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  13h  
At that point you are worshipping a person and will not listen to any reason and my life is just tick tick ticking away here, you know?

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  13h  
@TNBeanCounter Show me how her writing an endorsement on stationary vs. wasting $5 million on overhead would have produced different result

Oh no, I don't agree with this one Nathe, I kinda like this bit

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  13h  
@godsowncrunk It's not a SuperPAC. I am upset because she is wasting the money of conservative donors.

Back to snark

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  13h  
Hey, good news, everyone: Just get a Sarah Palin endorsement and you AUTOMATICALLY WIN.

Michael Blum ‏@MichaelBlum3  13h  
@NathanWurtzel Just think if she'd only put 91% towards overhead.  We'd probably have taken over Canadian gov't by now too.

Ralph gets an earful after a long back and forth

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  11h  
@Ralph7509 So here it is: You're a boor and a bore and you give conservatism a bad name. And this is our last communication.

Ha, Rubio comes into the convo with the RightScoop guy

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  10h  
@trscoop I wasn't aware of the Rubio thing and I am really disappointed. That kind of misspending doesn't happen with our clients.

First sign of Nathan today, he's still battling the bots bless his little heart

Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel  4h  
Not yet RT @JohnEkdahl Has anyone seen @NathanWurtzel since last night? I'm starting to worry that maybe he was thrown out of politics.

Okay, this is way too long a dairy already, just a couple of links to screengrabs of some of the conversations Nathan was suffering at the hand of the Palin Peeps

UPDATE: WOW! This is going to sting Griftzilla...

There’s a sucker born every minute. For those, there’s a fresh new site for SARAH PAC donations. Enjoy. The rest of us, however, say: “Bye-bye, Sarah.”
*Koscurl - There was a little url who had a little curl, right in the middle of all diaried, and when it was good it was very, very good, but when was bad it was horrid.
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