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  There's hardly a ho or hum about the fact that NY Governor Cuomo is requesting the passage of 3 new Anti - Public Corruption Laws. Including one to punish those who fail to report it. Public Corruption is a disease of society intolerable and never ending.

    As the comments to the Reuters article "New York Proposes New Laws Against Public Corruption" - the public doesn't believe any politician is sincere on this issue.

Regardless - the attention to the matter of Public Corruption is long overdue.

     This pursuer of justice in the eToys case faxed Governor Cuomo a letter of thanks and asked the Governor to consider an "official" request to look into the corruption of the New York Suprme Court case of eToys v Goldman Sachs. That letter is below the fold - and my case against the former U.S. Attorney Colm Connolly - for his being corrupt - is laid out in public record proof fashion (thus irrefutable).

  In an effort to make a long story short, Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital teamed up to defraud eToys. The attorneys got "caught" and confessed they lied about their conflicts of interest. Except - However - they are still concealing the fact that the attorney ( ) for the eToys Debtor and the attorney (Paul Traub) for the eToys creditors are still continuing to lie about their connections to Romney & Bain Capital.

    Later, in 2004 we found Smoking Gun evidences that forced (some) confessions. Whereas the MNAT law firm and Paul Traub confessed to lying under oath more than 30 times to a chief federal justice. The crimes benefit both Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital - who are (thus far) in every sense of the word - Above the Law. They have gotten away with more than 100 acts of Perjury and more than 100 state, Federal and SEC crimes; because of Public Corruption.

Colm Connolly was the Delaware United States Attorney who was corrupt!

      Mitt Romney was CEO of Bain Capital in 2001. He/Bain owned Kay Bee, who - in turn - acquired eToys by outbidding everyone else.

      Paul Traub and his partner Barry Gold worked for Mitt Romney (and with CEO of Kay Bee Michael Glazer) during the Stage Stores bankruptcy.

      Everyone, MNAT, Traub, Gold and Michael Glazer, all hopped on the Merry-Go-Round and then pretended they had nothing to do with each other. MNAT as eToys counsel and Traub as Creditors counsel, then put in Romney's crony Barry Gold as eToys President.

      Then eToys was sold to Bain Kay Bee for tens of millions of dollars initially. Only to have MNAT pretend to be protecting the eToys estate and Traub pretending to be protecting the creditors, then use their secret spy/plant Barry Gold - to reduce the prices of eToys assets in a conspiracy to defraud a public company and federal estate.

     The reasons these crimes were never investigated, arrested and prosecuted - is due to the corruption of the Delaware United States Attorneys Office. Whereas a MNAT partner (Colm Connolly) was then made to be the United States Attorney who refused to investigate and/or prosecute his former partner law firm and their clients (Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs).

     Here's Colm's picture and here's his undeniable Dept of Justice Resume (here). I should need not ever have to say another single thing. The very fact that Colm Connolly failed to disclose this serious conflict of interest is telltale and clear convicting evidence to the "N"th degree. He should not pass go and should be headed directly to jail for his betrayal of the public's trust! But he did not get arrested for it, when I discovered it. Because he was, in essence, Mitt Romney's attorney. Instead, the Public Corruption Task Force was Shut Down to bury the case. See the Los Angeles Times story "Shake-up roils federal prosecutors".

      As plain to see as the nose on your face. Colm Connolly was an Assistant U.S. Attorney from 1992 to 1999. Then he became a partner of the MNAT law firm. It is also a public record fact that MNAT represented Romney/Bain parties merger of The Learning Company with Mattel and then handled the Bain issues when Michael Glazer paid Bain $83 million. Colm Connolly was a MNAT partner in 2001 and became the Delaware U.S. Attorney on August 2, 2001. In a legitimate world, he would be arrested and prosecuted for this extensively heinous and egregious efforts to assist organized crimes.

Laser alleges that prosecutors can be Racketeers

     In spite of the fact that I'm an obvious victim, there are those among U.S. who simply wish I take my ass whoopin and go away. But ancient men much more wise, such as Sam Adams said; "to tyranny, cronyism and corruption - speak the truth, speak it loud and do so often".

     Naysayers who claim to be Progressives, are defending these goons of Mitt Romney; spurning my victim status and assaulting me often. It is as if they are looking to be rewarded for their efforts to destroy me. Their abject justification is that Colm Connolly was a prosecutor; and that as such - he is beyond reproach.

Let's take a look at the logic that prosecutors are beyond reproach!


Former Prosecutor Convicted of Witness Murder & Racketeering

      As reported by the New Jersey Law Journal just a few weeks ago, in its story about a corrupt public servant -  "Former Prosecutor Convicted of Witness Murder, Racketeering". Within the NJ Law Journal report on, it states that;
Paul Bergrin, who once earned his living sending criminals to jail, will likely be following in their path.

On Monday, after a seven-week trial, a federal court jury in Newark convicted the former prosecutor on 23 counts, most related to running his criminal defense practice in the city as a racketeering and illegal drug enterprise and serving as "house counsel" to a drug kingpin.

The counts included witness murder and murder conspiracy, conspiracy to distribute cocaine, maintaining drug-involved premises, travel in aid of drug-trafficking business, conspiracy to travel in aid of drug trafficking and bribery, travel in aid of prostitution business and evading currency transaction reporting requirements.

- Thus there is no longer any question of "IF" a prosecutor will be involved in mayhem, murder and racketeering; but a question begging - "how many more are guilty of same"!  

     There is no doubt about fraud in eToys. MNAT and Paul Traub confessed it. The fact that they were not prosecuted, during Colm Connolly's reign as federal prosecutor, is inexplicable and intolerable.

     We should all be united in calling for an official federal investigation that is pure and OPEN in this case. Because Bain Capital utilized their ill gotten gains to expand their racketeering empire with the purchase of Clear Channel Communications and its 100 million plus listeners through more than 800 stations (including Rush Limbaugh's show and Hannity etc).

      To stand idle by and let that unlawful expansion of organized crime have a chance to harm our election goals in 2014 - is ABSURD!

       Thus, I continue my pursuits for justice and sent this letter to Governor Cuomo;

Steven (“Laser”) Haas                        April 10, 2013                   
Private Attorney General
eToys Fraud & Corruption

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

RE: Thanking You for your stance on Public Corruption and Informing you of a case in point (eToys)

Dear Governor Cuomo;

    As a victim of New York Supreme Court Corruption and probable cover ups within the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct (“CJC”), we are happy to hear of your stance versus public corruption. Especially since our case also involves corruption within the New York Supreme Court system of justice.

         Whereas my company, Collateral Logistics, Inc., (“CLI”) was the federal court appointed fiduciary over the eToys bankruptcy case (DE Bankr 01-706).  And, as the recent New York Times article by journalist Joe Nocera (“Rigging the I.P.O. Game”) has pointed out, the entire New York Supreme Court case of eToys (ebc1) vs Goldman Sachs (case #601805/2002) has been illicitly placed entirely under seal from public view. There are more than 100 state and federal violations related to the eToys case – including corruption of the New York Supreme Court process.

This is due to corruption of the integrity of the judicial process by officers of the court in eToys cases!

       In this particular case, the corruption sought to benefit the POTUS wannabe Mitt Romney, whose Bain Capital firm partnered up with Goldman Sachs in massive state and federal fraud. Goldman Sachs is  (in essence) suing Goldman Sachs. Whereas the law firm has confessed to lying under oath 15 times in the eToys bankruptcy case to become the eToys attorney. MNAT counsels Goldman Sachs in Delaware and also represents Bain Capital too. MNAT continues to lie to cover up the Bain Capital issues (where eToys was sold to Bain/ Kay Bee and prices reduced in the millions of dollars as a Bankruptcy Ring fraud). MNAT nominated fraudster Paul Traub to be the one to prosecute the New York Supreme Court case (Traub was also partners with fraudster Marc Dreier and Tom Petters Ponzi scheme).

    Additionally, the New York State and Federal systems of justice in this case has been corrupted by a former United States Attorney (Colm Connolly). WHEREAS Colm F Connolly was a partner of MNAT from mid 1999 to August 2, 2001 (the infamous “retroactive” period of time).  He and his gang have helped bury the Bain Capital organized crime sprees for years.

    Thank you, Governor Cuomo, for your renewed stance on this issue of public corruption and please consider making an official request to halt the racketeering that is still transpiring in eToys?

                                        Sincerely; -  Laser Haas
                                        Victim of Public Corruption


     It continues to blow my mind that there is a colossal ton of evidence, including confessions and yet no one has the guts to take on this case.

     There are several homicides probably connected here too.

      What we have here, is a failure to communicate just how big this story is. Even the Producer of major TV and Radio show, who owes me a favor, said he just can't get the story on the air. The powers that be are still blocking and protecting Romney and his Gang.

And that SUCKS! - Because Paul Traub was also a partner, after he got away with the eToys crimes - with fraudster Marc Dreier (doing 20 years in prison) and Ponzi schemeer Tom Petters (doing 50 years).  Marty Lackner was involved in Petters Ponzi and is now dead. I don't believe the reported story  - that Lackner's death was a suicide. This is because Marty Lackner reached out to me, where he and his friends told me something so strange - that even I didn't believe it.

Marty Lackner was brother of Minnesota Assistant U.S. Attorney J. Lackner

and, as you can see by this web story of MN Public Radio;
even they are too scared to tell the WHOLE story.

(at least MN PUblic Radio did not "troll" me and seek my "banning".)


Do you believe that we have massive public corruption; because people are beaten into abject silence by the mob?

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